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My Peritoneal Cancer Diagnosis Journey

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Momma Mack
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Hello all,

I haven't posted in a while and I have not updated the various list. I have been blogging about my Peritoneal Cancer Diagnosis Journey. I call it a Journey because that is what it has been. I was diagnosed in 2/10, had my debaulking surgery late 2/10 and have been doing what I need to do to be here... Below is a link that will take you to my latest posting. There are some helpful hints that have worked for me over the 2 & 1/2 years that I have been in treatment, like Marilax is my friend, I take now about every day to every other day. I was 51 when I was diagnosed, don't know the stage, doesn't really matter to me because we all know it was probably stage III (no lymph nodes were affected). It is a quick read and if anyone takes anything away from this that I GREAT...


You probably need to copy and past the link, I think. I am not overly techy, I know enough to get by and probably be dangerous... lol

Take care all, I think about all the teal warriors and anyone dealing with cancer often...

Cathy Mack (aka Momma Mack, as one on my Daughters best friends refer to me as...)

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