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Paul61---About colonoscopy

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Paul, I read your post on the colonoscopy. It will be five years in Nov. since I had the test and it was all clear. Is the reason for your three years because of the polops, or is there a shorter time than ten years for EC patients? I've never heard reference made to this?

I will have another ct scan in August and will be talking to my oncologist about this. My last two test showed what they thought, might be colitis, but the gastrologist did'nt want to do a colonoscopy the first time, and my oncologists said after the last test that we would wait.

I have noticed that all patients don't have the same regular testing. I have been on a six month ct scan schedule ordered by my onclogists for two years. I believe after the one in August, it will be yearly. He also orders blood work on a three month schedule. I have a barium swallow and chest xray, ordered by my surgeon, also on a six month schedule. I don't see my gastrologist unless there is a problem.

I am not test crazy, but want to be, if needed.

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The way my primary care physician explained the current recommendations for colonoscopy is that if you are over 50 they recommend you get a colonoscopy. If the results are "all clear" they suggest you repeat the test again in 10 years. If on the other hand they find a polyp or see other items of concern they recommend you repeat the test at a maximum of three years. Depending on what they find the repeat duration could be shorter, but typically removal of a benign polyp get's a three year cycle.

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Thanks Paul, I thought I had missed something.Because of the ct scan showing an area sugestive fo colitis, I wish they would go ahead and do one on me.

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