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Once again I've been fortunate to have an undetectable psa reading at 2 years 4 months following surgery and adjuvant radiation. Currently doing psa checks every 6 months. It has certainly been a fortunate outcome for me based on the stats. I was diagnosed as a T1C with a gleason 7 (3+4) after the biopsy. However, after surgery and the subsequent pathology, the gleason remained the same but I was staged at T3A. Although there was no seminal or lymph node involvement, I did have extra prostatic extension, and a positive margin. The prostate itself turned out to be 75% cancerous! I just wanted to share this info with those of you who are new to this site (and of course to the regulars). It is just another treatment option that so far has had positive results. I know that my situation could change at any time, but I am grateful for the way things have turned out so far. Don't ever give up or lose hope. Just keep fighting this beast !!! Good luck to all!!!

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Great News indeed.

Wishing you a continuous success. Your periodical report is most welcomed.


hopeful and opt...
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Wonderful........great news

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Congrats! it is always a good feeling!


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Dan, shipmate, happy to see the good news.

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As always, sending all the very best to you and yours.

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Way to go Dan , glad to hear the good news I had almost the same 3+4 extra prostatic extension although a negative margin , I will be checked again in July , I had nerve bundles removed on left side , I surgery jan 2011, and do not wear pads , do not leak ocassionally a few drops without medication , finally after 2 years almost hard enough for sex without meds with I can

Thank you for the update I wanted to let anyone know it could take up to 2 years to get nerves repaired that were effected during surgery , Im surprised I did have doubts, there is good info on Sloan Kettering webpage detailing the above mentioned time frame.

to anyone that is in a similar situation , recently out of surgery , i8 months later, and I am thankful that my last psa test was negative and quality of life issues much better

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Glad to hear such great news. I go for my test on the 11th. I will be 7 months post op at that time. Keep up the zero's

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Thanks for all of good wishes. I also wish each and everyone of you continued success in battling this disease. Keep up the good fight !!!

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