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vit d and curcumin improves immune function

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More good news for diet and lifestyle.

I Eat turmeric and sunbake, otherwise if I must i do the supplements.


Ps take a few small healthy positive steps, you might get well, and not have any time for your onc.
My vegan bodybuilding coach has a higher priority than onc and vit c Dr at present.

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Vit D is the supplement i suggest to anyone that doesn't want to take a anti-depressant.. This is finally being published in journals too.. my docs are comfirming this with as at first when I reported this they didn't believe me.
I know when I have not taken it.. I get down and a little crazy..
I take a once a week Rx.. It is the best Rx a dr ever gave me.. and actually one of the only 2 I will take on schedule anymore as I know I don't like how I feel without it..

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Did you like the study I posted ?

With some luck we might live long happy lives.

Vit d reduces recurrence risk and now may improve mood.

All from a little bit of vit d.


Ps beware the double blind handcuffs

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My D level is low so I'm adjusting my diet to include more sources as well as taking a daily supplement. I prefer to adjust my metabolism and electrolytes through food rather than pills. I'm on so many pills now days that they count as a meal.

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It may be best to buy the pure or highest strength ingredients available and then mix them together for 1-2 weeks at a time. In normal pills, there are a lot of excipients that at best take up space, even 99%. Either recap mix(es) and/or make a drink of them. Works pretty well for us, although my wife's high volume is still an issue. I work toward more compaction.

Vitamin D3 is a very compact item, in pure form (which you won't get), 1 milligram = 40,000 iu. A lot of CRC chemo patients may only be sufficient or optimal blood level at 10,000-20,000 iu per day (NB: need vitamin D blood tests!). Shouldn't need more than 1-3 small pills per day for any dose range, caps are made up to 50,000 iu. Colon cancer patients can't seem to trust the sun for their vitamin D3, and many sure won't get enough vitamin D3 from their food while on chemo. Been there, done that.

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