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Biopsy negative

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Got my biopsy results today. I was told by phone they were negative but the doctor did not get a complete sample. (I haven't had children so it was difficult to get to the upper end of my uterus. I've read here about others with a similar experience.)

I've been off birth control pills for a year or so. The GYN wants to put me back on the pill for about three months and then see me again. If I still have abnormal bleeding, then she will probably do a D & C. I'm going to encourage a total hysterectomy if it gets to that point.

After getting the results, my first call was to a GYN oncologist to make an appointment for a second opinion. Everything sounds good so far but after reading about so many of your experiences here, I need this second opinion for my peace of mind.

This GYN oncologist was on a panel about women's health held tonight at a local hospital so I got a chance to meet her afterwards. During the panel introductions I learned she is a GYN oncologist who also does chemo, which they said was an unusual thing. If I do end up with cancer, it seems like it would be nice to have a doc who does both.

At the end of the panel, the moderator asked each doctor to give one piece of advice to the audience. The GYN oncologist's advice was to be your own advocate. If you have questions ask them. If you leave the office and still have questions, call back. So I thought I would pass her advice along although many of you here are already proactive.

Thanks again to everyone here for your advice and kind words. Best wishes and hugs to you as you deal with your disease.


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Web girl, glad you had negative biopsy and have a competent doctor you are comfortable with. I think it's great to have a woman doctor!

Good luck with your treatment. Hope all goes well, Mary Ann

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That is excellent news. Glad you got to meet with an gyn/ Ono, too. I hope you do not need to use her expertise in the future. Good advice to have all your questions answered to your satisfaction. Best wishes to you, too. In peace and caring.

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That is great news!

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Thanks everyone. Still don't have my appointment with the GYN oncologist but I will by the end of the week if I have to go sit in the office to get one!

I'm glad to have found a female GYN oncologist. There were not many female GYN oncologist in my insurance plan. As it turns out I learned yesterday when I called to have all lab tests and test results forwarded to her for the second opinion, she is the one who both my primary care and GYN would have referred me to. So sounds like I am on the right track.

Best wishes to everyone.


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Good to hear. Every small victory is well earned.


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