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Post-menopause bleeding

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Hello. I am a 51 year old and I have been in Menopause for almost 2 years. I started bleeding quite heavily last week and called my gynocologist. She has scheduled a biopsy for late next week. I had invasive cervical cancer in my late 20s and breast cancer in my 40s. My mother has had breast and uterine cancer. I am calm but, as you all know, waiting makes you think. I would like opinions of the likelyhood that I have uterine cancer. Not to make me worry but to consider next steps and the best way to help my husband cope.

Peggy Davis
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I had a clear heavy discharge, then blood. Menopause 6 years ago. That is the first
sign of uterine cancer. I had a total hysterectomy, then found out I have Grade 3 Serous Papillary Adenocarcinoma (worst kind of uterine & fast spreading). No more signs of cancer, but had to have preventative radiation (3 times), & 3 chemo once every 3 weeks.
I had Stage 1A uterine cancer. Best to get in quick to be checked. Good Luck!

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Good luck with your biopsy. Glad you got your post menopause bleeding checked out quickly. Dometimes i think i may have waited too long.

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I don't know about odds of having uterine cancer but glad you will get biopsy soon.

I think the best way to help your husband cope is to encourage his continuing involvement with you and your care. I think spouses can feel "out of the loop" but he can be an invaluable part of your healthcare team - being informed, going to appointments with you, asking questions, being your advocate.

I wish you and your husband the very best. Hang in there.

Mary Ann

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Hi...this is my first post..I began having light spotting mid march, after 9 years of menopause. Had a biopsy on the 23rd of May (i work for the Dr, so i didn't have to wait, but I did a bit,to get a pre-planned trip taken.. then had a full physical) and on the 29th got the results of positive for endometrial adenocarcinoma.
My physcial was terriffic!! All labs were perfect, I am 65 and take no meds and have no high blood pressure, diabetes..nothing..perfect!! except for that very slight soptting happening only occasionally over a 2 month timeframe. My doc/boss is confident we got it very early and said that was nothing he felt on manual exam that was not normal. I live about 50 miles from the Kansas University MEdical Center in Kansa City. I will be seeing an oncologyst in their cancer center on Wednesday for staging and whatever other tests i need and to schedule surgery.
I pray for all of us in the "waiting" stags of this process..it is the worst time because if you are like me your mind is running away with all the negative "what if's"...lets encourage each other to stay in the moment and be positive..it can make a difference...
There are other reasons for DUB (disfunctional uterine bleeding) stress, vaginal or endometrial atrophy, estrogen unbalance..and I thought it was any and all of those, never considering the "other thing"...silly silly girl...never let ANYONE wait and poopoo the symptoms...
My husband is a trooper, but i nkow he is worried..Wednesday will tell the tale and as much as I want it, I fear it.

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good that you pursued this and pray that everything goes smoothly for you.

mary Ann

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Double Whammy
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there are more than a few of us who have had both breast and uterine cancers. I happened to be diagnosed with both, 4 days apart. I was told that it is not unusual for a woman to have both over the course of her lifetime because the risk factors are the same, and both can be estrogen receptor positive. If that's not enough, Tamixofen which is often taken after bc, creates a lovely environment in a woman's uterus for cancer to grow. Who the heck knows why I got both?

I hope your results are clear and that you do not have uterine cancer. Just because you have post menopausal bleeding, doesn't mean it has to be cancer. So glad you're following up on it tho. Some women don't know that is a symptom and just chalk it up to "the change" - which is could be.

Best of luck to you,


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Double Whammy
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I assume you'll be seeing a gynecologic oncologist at Kansas University Medical Center. Here's some pretty good questions to ask. There are some (actually quite a few) that can't be answered until after surgery, but they might be useful then.
• Would you please write down the exact type of cancer I have?
• How does this affect my treatment options and outlook?
• May I have a copy of my pathology report?
• Has the cancer spread to my lymph nodes or other organs?
• What is the stage of the cancer? What does that mean in my case?
• Are there other tests that need to be done before we can decide on treatment?
• What treatment choices do I have? What do you recommend? Why?
• Should I look into taking part in a clinical trial?
• What are the risks or side effects of different treatments?
• What can I do to get ready for treatment?
Best wishes for your visit.


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