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Colorectal cancer caused by toxic chemicals

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I am in desperate need to find information regarding the relationship between toxic chemicals and colorectal cancer. To be more specific, any info on Xylene toluene alcohols and colorectal cancer. If anyone has any info at all or any resources that might help me out will you please respond to this post? I have less than 30 days to find some kind of relationship between the two. Any help or support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

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Hmm, I'm curious, why are you in such a "desperate need" to find a relationship with this chemical within the next 30 days - do you have an end of semester paper due or something?

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Just as a thought, it could be related to a work related claim. I need to get with my service officer at the VFW and file a claim that my cancer may be related to exposure to jet fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid as well as asbestos when I was in the Air Force.

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Maybe there is no relationship.


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I actually looked up what these were cause I was curious. They're definitely toxic!!

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You'll find information on it if you google "Xylene toluene alcohols, colorectal cancer".
A Link that looks promising. There are more if you poke around a little.

A union guide to prevention:

Two references:
Colon cancer Limited evidence for solvents
xylene and toluene and ionising radiation.

Rectal cancer Metalworking fluids and mineral
oils. Some evidence for solvents, including
toluene and xylene.

I may be going out on a limb here but I think toxic chemicals may have something to do with many cancers...

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Would be interested to kow why you need the info.

Be careful too- proving a link does NOT prove causality in an individual.


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The toxins you mention are on the testing panel, they are documented up on the CDC web site as well.
One way to learn more is to find a Doctor focused on toxins and cancer and do the tests. Lots to do. If you do share the results, I am interested. I shared my heavy metal test results and am full of platinum when tested months ago. Likely source folfox chemo.

Also consider synergy of risk factors, ie sedentary job and heavy toxic load may equal greatly increased crc risk.

Synergy is a double edged sword.

Phil info is a worry, that's our world.


Ps the conference mp3 are on my blog. Enjoy if you download and listen.

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I grew up but what has been declared a superfund site. There are 26 of them in Queens, NY alone. The one I grew up on is called Deknatel (you can google it). I don't know what the chemicals were. Doesn't help me now so I haven't bothered reading much, doesn't mean it's related to this cancer although there are large clusters of thyroid disorders and cancers (I only got hypothyroid, not the cancer), no one is sure if all the other cancers in the area are caused by the chemicals because there are so many different types and these cancers are found everywhere, not just there.

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Many studies have been conducted by the VA regarding not only cancer, but also heart disease and Parkinson's and its relation to the chemicals found in Agent Orange. I might suggest you go to the VA website and see what they have discovered regarding cancer and toxic chemicals.

In addition, I might suggest you review the NIH (National Institute of Health)website and related sites referred to on their website.

There are "mounnds of evidence" presented on this subject on these websites.

Good Luck

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If you're still out there, I’m interested in why you posted. My x-husband worked with these chemicals on a daily basis. I, the one who washed his cloths would have been indirectly exposed to these chemicals for at least 10 years. Just curious. I never thought to mention this to my onc. when he asked if I was exposed to any chemicals. Interesting.
Stage 2,T3 NoMo

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is convinced that his cancer was partly due to toxic chemicals he used to strip and refinish antique furniture. I saw those 55 gal drums, with HAZARD, TOXIC, known CANCER causing agents plastered all over the outside.

Do I think they caused his cancer??


I think he had the propensity for cancer(family history), and those chemicals pushed it over the edge.

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when I was very young . Treatment two drops of creosote in a glass of milk at night. Took that off and on for ten years. Any wonder ca showed up . Will be surprised if there is not lots more to follow. Ron.

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Have you got any information on the link between the two because I have had bolorectal cancer working with these sort of chemicals. Thanks.

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