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it just sucks

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It just keeps getting harder the more time that passes the harder it gets. I can normally get through a day with saying atleast I was lucky enough to have true love for 21 years. But today all I can do is miss him with every ounce of energy I have. It sucks why would god give him to me just to take him away. I don't think I can keep doing this everyday for the rest of my life. I miss him so much it hurts.Our daughter graduated high school yesterday and that was one of his goals to get to see and he missed it. We had such plans. We never had a plan B.

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I lost my husband in Oct. 2009, so it has been awhile. For me time has made it easier. As one of my older friends said, "The pain has mellowed." there are days, though, when it is harder than other times. I find family gatherings, times when he should be here, special days especially hard. We were married for 42 years. Our oldest granddaughter graduated from high school last year and it was very hard. I love my family and they have been very supportive, but their lives go forward with little change. We, however, need to learn how to live without the most important person in our lives. It's tough. This is not how we planned it. We were supposed to grow old together. Life happens, and sadly, so does death. My faith tells me that someday I will understand. Hang in there. There are many of us here who understand. Take care, Fay

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It will be 2 years this June since my Terry died. Maybe a little easier in some ways, harder in others. I too have a loving and supportive family, but feel very alone. I also wonder why God would take him so young but will never know the answer to that question. I do believe time will dull the pain, just very hard in the meantime. Thinking of all of you. Grandma Fay, you have been very helpful to me through your postings...thank you.

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