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history of bcc, and now i suddenly have had a small ,dark, uneven pigmented freckle turn up on my back???

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i have so far had 3 superficial basal cell carcinomas, by the age of 38.
i grew up in australia and despite having pale freckly skin that never tans, and trying to avoid the sun, i still had a number of blistering burns as a child, and sun burn was part of the summer...even with reapplication of sun cream, i would end up burnt..

i watch my skin carefully for any changes,and i know what my back looks like...mostly freckles with one mole and all the freckles are a lightish brown ... on sunday i noticed a dark, more obvious freckle suddenly there that neither my dh or i remember seeing before...
it is darker than the others, round, completely flat and probably only about 3mm across but has a slightly paler centre and a darker bit to one side on the edge..

i know most people wouldn't even give it a 2nd look, but my skin cancer specialist said to know your skin and watch for things that weren't there previously...
after living in QLD aust, i know a number of women in their early 30's that had small, freckles show up, that they knew weren't there before, they weren;'t dark and gnarly like all the google melanoma pics, just much more polite looking, that even the doctors said they were sure it was nothing ,but on the patients intuiton and insistence for biopsy, the doctr found them to be melanoma in situ...
the doctors in the uk don;t really know a skin cancer if its staring them in the face, so will send you to a specialist, but i hate to just be an alarmist and waste an nhs specialist appointment if it just is a freckle, so i thought i would ask here what people think...
can a darker freckle just show up out of the blue or should i get it checked???
i have been in bed for the last 2 month prior to this as i had horrendous morning sickness, so i have not had any exposure to the sun to cause its appearance...

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I say get it checked, better to check early than later and have all kinds of ugly problems. Yes these "spots" can show up all on their own whenever, whether you have been in the sun or not in recent days. That is my opinion. Good Luck and let me know how things turn out.

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I have a post regarding my triple whammy. Within a year, I had stage 4 renal cell ca, and last month had a basal cell ca removed and this week a melanoma will be removed. That being said, I also was a light blonde growing up. Did not know what it was like not to burn and blister as a kid. The good news is as long as the skin cancers are removed in time, then they should be gone. But I will be having a body audit done every 6 months by the dermatoligy oncologist. So, I suggest having your body audited by your skin Dr.

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I am late with my comment, I have never tanned, I am an indoors kind of person, not a natural blond and had mohs surgery on my face for BCC, had another on my leg, and a couple of biopsies for pre cancer lesions.
I see a dermatologist that is also an oncologist. I am also a survivor of breast cancer, but this diagnosis has really freak me out, it might not kill one, but one is a higher risk for melanoma and recurrance.
I do not like the cavalier attitude about this cancer that is very desfiguring, that affects how one has to face others at work,school .
I see my specialist every 3 months.

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