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miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Hi guys,

I forgot to mention, I never received the results of the endoscopy this Friday. The results didn't come in yet.

Yesterday, the weather in New York was good. Therefore, we had the BQ as planned outside under a shaded tree.

Gotta go. My friend just called she's back in the hospital from the dog bit. bye.


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Hi Maggie,
Thanks for letting us know. The first thing I did when I got from Oregon was to check the group and see what your results were. When I didn't see anything posted I figured things must have gotten delayed because of the holiday weekend. I'm glad you went to the BBQ and the weather was good. I'm sorry about your friend who got bit by the dog and hope she feels better soon. I had a wonderful trip, but it's always nice to be back home. Take care, and let us know your results as soon as you hear anything. Much love...Sue

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Hi Miss Maggie,
I was wondering about the results but didn't want you to feel pressured about sharing the results, that's why I hadn't asked earlier. Well thank you for letting us know and please let us know what the doc says. I'm getting a little antsy myself I have three test to do this week (Xray, MRI, CT scan) and as everybody else here, getting nervous about the results. Next week I'll be seeing my Onc for the results! Well I'll be looking for your post in the following days! Take care and (((Hugs)))


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Hello Liz, Sue, and Jim,

Thank you so much for thinking of me. Yes Sue, vacation days are nice, but it's always
good to get home.

Jim you can un-cross your fingers and toes when I get the results. Hopefully good.

Liz, How stressful it is, not about getting the tests, but the week after waiting for the results. 1 2 3 is going to be hard waiting for all the results. I understand, as you know.
The results can change our lives. God Bless and luv and hugs to you.

Love Maggie

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Hey Maggie,

Fingers, toes, legs, and eyes are all crossed for you - LOL.
Glad you got to do the BBQ. I visited a friend and made
a less traditional meal (stir fry - pepper steak) :).

I'm sorry your friend is back in the hospital.



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