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ALPPS procedure for two stage liver resection

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Has anyone heard of the ALPPS procedure pioneered by Dr Eduardo in buenos aires, argentina. Also known as liver partition.

It is a two stage resection of the liver , but second resection done within a week of first operation. That way it seems that the timing between resection gets reduced and there is no chance of tumour growing further in between surgeries as you would be off chemo for atleast a month plus . 15 days prior to operation and further 15 days after and then again 15 days prior to next operation. Also , recovery periods are longer.

It was recommended to me by Dr Dave Geller of univ of Pittsburgh medical centre who is a renowned doctor for liver surgery.

This procedure is not offered in India at present. However, in certain europen centres like torino, Italy I believe it is.

If there is anyone who is familiar with this procedure or can ask certain reknowned liver surgeons ? Any information whatsoever is welcome.


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Hi Sdp, I am from Argentina, my mother-in-law is about to get this procedure (ALPPS) by the doctor from Buenos Aires you mentioned. I would like to know if you underwent surgery by him and how it went.

Thank you!


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I decided to get my surgery done in germany thru dr hans schlitt. Pl ask dr Eduardo if he knows of this doctor in regensburg, Germany.

I just got my colon resection done but not the liver resection. Thats currently scheduled for 23 rd July. I am in the hospital recuperating from the first surgery as I write this.

I have done quite a bit of research on the liver resection and taken several opinions from the best institutions all over the world. Opinions range from non resectable to a two stage resection, to an ALPPS resection to a single stage resection.

Dr Eduardo was a great help to me in giving his opinion etc. pl mention my heartfelt thanks to him if u meet him. I am actually based in India and the only reason I am in Germany is for logistical reasons as Argentina is very far for us and the language barriers would be a problem for my parents and caregivers who would accompany me to the treatment centre.

I believe this procedure was actually first invented in Germany , but u can confirm the facts from dr Eduardo.
Pl send me more details about the liver tumors and when the surgery is scheduled etc as I would like to know more as afteR Germany this as my next best option. It would have been my first option if the logistics were manageable for us.

Kindly don't forget to mention my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to him when u meet him.

Shitul Patel

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