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chemo didn't work

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Just had my repeat CT and it showed no improvement, but the oncologist didn't say it was a lot worse. Next week need another bronchoscopy since the pulmonologist didn't take enough tissue the first time. They need DNA to first check to see if the cancer is EGFR or another acronym that are genetic.....he said 5% of lung cancer is. If it is, then they will make an oral targeted therapy for it.

In the mean time, we are doing nothing at all. My husband and I spent Friday and Saturday in shock and tears. It would seem that there would be something that could be done during this interim period, doesn't it?

Also the radiologist who read my CT did't bother to get the original scan, so her reading was incomplete and incorrect. Thankfully I had picked it up at the hospital and had the medical training to read it and knew it was terribly wrong. When I phoned the hospital and told them of the error, the radiology department was horrified and redid the summary but I have an appointment with the radiologist at the medical group where I go to have him read it since he both read the original and did my initial lymph node biopsy....I trust him.

This is a really rough time for both my dear hubby and me.....thank you for giving me a sounding board here.


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Dear Sue,

I am new to this board too. I know how you feel. I have stage IV nsclc adenocarinoma and I had 6 rounds of chemo. Initially I responded to the chemo where it took my coughing away but especially corrected the pericardial effusion. After 2nd chemo, I got a CT scan and showed 25% improvement. After my last chemo #6, no change. I was to remain on a maintenance drug indefinetly. I declined this and went the wait and watch approach and did nothing since March. I went for a CT scan in April because I started experiencing coughing and the results were that the tumor had grown some and more activity in the lymphanitic channels. :( My next plan was to schedule a biopsy to see if I carried the gene for the ALK or EGFR for the new targeted therapy. ALK came back negative but we stayed hopeful and the EGFR a week later came back positive! :) I will start the target therapy "Tarceva" soon after my next CT scan and Dr visit 1st week in June. This gives me new hope. Also initially they went to test for the ALK EGFR but unfortunately they did not get enough tissue for the testing and therefore my Dr recommended the Biopsy CT guided through the lung to be certain they got sufficient tissue. Please have faith and get a biopsy to see if you have the gene mutation. My husband has also been researching clinical trials. Keep the faith and stay strong. My prayers are with you and your husband. Marty

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Sue -

You and your husband are in my prayers. Please keep your faith & do not give up! Keep fighting and trust that God will not forsake you. Miracles happen everyday and we are hoping to hear ours on June 12th when my husband receives the results of his next scan. Take care & stay positive!!! :)

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Am wondering if the oncologist said that the tumors remained stable in size. If he did, knowing that it did not get larger is good news- sort of. The chemo will continue to work in your system. I am glad for you that they are looking at a targeted therapy. Please keep us posted. I really sorry that you have this kind of stress on you now. You are doing a fabulous job of advocating for your self.

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