triple wammy

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Hi y'all. Just thought I'd stop by from the kidney cancer forum. Had a left nephrectomy in march 2011. Became very ill this past winter with many mets in my lungs, liver, chest cavity lymph nodes, spine and pelvis. I qualified for the MDX-1106 trial and since spring I have made remarkable improvements. I'm back to full ex., golf and jogging. Tumors are shrinking and disappearing. Great or what? So over past month or so, I had a pea sized growth on my back biopsied and removed. It was a basal cell ca. It had reduced about about 50%. So I guess the MDX was helpfull with that. During that procedure, the Dr. biopsied a dark dime sized area on my head. Yep. Melanoma. in situ. So a plastic surgeon who specializes in these things is gonna fix me up this friday. Again the good news is that the MDX is proving effective with these as well. I didn't do a very thurough search here, but is anyone else benefitting from MDX-1106 therapy? In any event, Good luck to all who have had to join this forum, and I hope everyone does well. Fox.