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Three weeksout of treatmnt

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I am 3 weeks from last radiation treatment, I am still on pain meds I still hurt when go to the bathroom, how lng was it for some of you quit hurting to go to restroom?

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Hello, I know it hurts I remember. I had a prescription for pain meds for about 3 weeks after and I didn't refill. It should lessen everyday, its just we have been burned inside. Do you use lotions or silveride. I had bag balm used on cow utters and that was soothing for my whole tx and thereafter, until eventually it quit hurting. Keep you bms soft, maybe duculox, if okay by your dr. I wish you continued healing. Lori

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It is different for each of us and I have found out that depending on how deep or topical your tumor was can effect the external irritation differently as well as the fairness of your skin. Hang in there and if you have to sit in a sitz bath to go to the bathroom and then clean afterwards....

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It will get better. For me that week was the worst. I remember it well. It seemed like it would never pass. But from that point on the healing was remarkable. It takes a lot of patience to deal with the recovery. We are here for you.
All the best,

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It will get better, I promise!

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I remember those days and it does get better. Have you tried using a sitz bath?
Hoping you feel better soon!


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I am sorry the pain is still there for you. I so hope you will begin to feel better soon. I know it has been a very rough journey. You are still in my thoughts and prayers!


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