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Mum had a bleed last night, thankfully she was still in the hospice ( she was supposed to be going home next week ) It was quite a large bleed so obviously mum was very distressed by it, she has been given a sedation and they have stopped her blood thinners, they are also giving her something to try and stop it happening again, they have told us if it does happen again it could be catastrophic, she certainly is going through it, poor mum, horrible to see her so worried, I think she feels she is near the end but we are trying very hard to keep her spirits up, please keep her in your thoughts, love to all


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Hi Stella: I'm so sorry your mom is going through all this. I'll be thinking of her.

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I am thinking of you all today and pray for your continued strength.

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Poor mum. We are also thinking of you, mum and I. Mums onc said the wouldnt be able to make it through to christmas but we who can set a date? Hope your mum does feel better from worrying soon. Take care of you and of your time together.

My thoughts,

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Thank you ladies for your thoughts, I hope I'm not speaking too soon but mum is doing much better, she is a tough cookie! We were so worried she would have another bleed and she still could but she is off the blood thinners now so it should be a lot less scarey, she has been to the toilet since the bleed, the first time there was some more blood but yesterday it was clear! We are trying to persuede her to stay at the hospice for another week to gain strength for coming home, the hospice is the most wonderful place so we are happy for her to be there although obviously we want her home as soon as possible. Does anyone know about having steroid shots to shrink tumours? just before Mum left hospital they gave her a steroid injection and told her that was why, I haven't heard of it before, as mum is not going to have anymore chemo it would be great to think there was just something to slow things down a bit.

Lots of love to all, SueX

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