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Tumor Bleeding???

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have you ever spit up blood from the tumor mine is on my tonsil and evidently there is a lot of blood vessels there so a couple of times a day i'm spitting up blood when i drink ice water it goes away for a while then comes back again.I have called the doctor and they said that its normal but it scares me when it happens.

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the tumor is behind my nose. I have bloody discharge from my left nostril all the time. I didn't realize it could be from the tumor....if the Dr. says it's normal, then I'd relax with that. You've got the "pre-treatment nerves"........and I know how unnerving a time that is. Every little thing...every ache, every ping, pang...and now bits of blood are scary. You're going to one of the finest Cancer Centers in the nation....you can trust your Drs.....honest!


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I had blood too ..like you off and on ....never real heavy...I was base of tongue .....

I agree with Phrannie ...I think you can trust your Docs.

hang in there buddy ...your'e doing good.


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and I have two different experiences with bleeding, having been through two different radiation treatments. The first cancer, I had no bleeding, ever. Not one drop throughout treatment. This last time, I had quite a bit. I was bleeding every day, from the time my biopxy was done, till almost six weeks after radiation ended. Then it stopped. I agree it is disconcerting to see it happen. That little guy in the back of your head keeeps saying the treatment isn't working. but it is. I've had no bleeding whatsoever since the day it stopped. I am now almost twelve weeks post rads, and had a negative exam of the tumor site a couple of weeks back. Don't let the little man ruin your day.


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i have BOT and have had 2 bleeding spells, 1st time was going to work and spit up some blood with normal flem, so not to work but to the ENT, he said it was normal/ breaking up of scabing??? 2nd time was just last week after Chemo. It was more and very bright red/ stopped after that spell. lllNot sure whats Normal in this AbNormal word of Cancer. But I to just try and trust what the Docs say, because A it makes me feel better and B I have no idea why I bleeding on my own. Good luck. I think im going to Buy Stock in Kleenex.

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I also experienced bleeding about 8 rd treatments in I was concerned but the docs said the vessels of the tumor are weak and will break up
My tumor was over 4 cm so it was big. I don't notice the bleeding anymore 13 TX in but it has shrunken

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