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Night Sweats

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Tina Brown
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I am having real problems with night time sweats. It is something I used to have when I was first diagnosed. At the time my oncologist said it was the "activity of the cancer" causing the heat. It soon went as the chemo began working. However, it is back. My numbers are up to 1,600 ish and I know my cancer is growing.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this? It wakes me up at least 3 times a night. My night clothes are damp and cold and I have to change. My bed sheets are also damp and my hair is wringing wet with a wet pillow case.

I am back on carboplatin so I am hoping it will stop soon as the chemo will begin to work.

Tina xxx

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... this also... My husband used to sweat and sweat and sweat during the nights in the weeks befor he was diagnosed with coloncancer and mets to liver. After surgery and first chemocycle this stopped and has never returned since. But we are and stay very suspicious

Unfortunately I've no advices to give but wanted to chime in to send you many greetings and a big HUG from Germany

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Tina Brown
Posts: 1054
Joined: Nov 2009

Thank you for your comments. I guess I always knew it was the cancer's activity. However in recent evenings it has not been quite so bad so that is making me think that my new chemo may just be working :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed xxxxx

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Mum also got a lot of this in the beginning but it was killed off by the carbo so fingers crossed for you.


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