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Hi Ladies,

Is tofu okay for us to eat? I've never eaten it before. The other day when I read the ingredients number one ingredient is soy beans.

Trying to be careful. This diet thing is a whole new learning experience for me, plus I am finding conflicting info. out there.



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I stay away from soy products, including Tofu. It's mainly used as an alternate protein source, but I'll get my protein elsewhere. I've used it many years ago, and they say it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with - not my experience, but you may find differently. I just prefer to avoid soy altogether.


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My doctor said it's OK in moderation. I make vegetarian chili with textured soy protein instead of meat, and he didn't think that was a big deal if I don't eat it regularly.

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The only type of soy that is "safe" is fermented soy from an organic, non-GMO source. Fermented soy would include miso, but no tofu, which is cultured.
The manufactured protein alternatives contain a number of unhealthy ingredients, including vegetable oils and trans fats.

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