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Memorial weekend..

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Hi my peeps, :)
Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial weekend. I'm headed to my Aunts house in Klamath Falls Oregon tomorrow morning. She has cancer, so I go twice a year to help her around the house getting various projects done. Usually go in the spring and then again in October. This trip my oldest sister from California will be there and also my next to the oldest sister. I'm really looking forward to going...not the 8 hour drive, but definetely excited to see my sisters. I'll be back home on Sunday afternoon and will check in on everyone then. Take care, and love ya's...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Stay safe Sue and have a wonderful time! Vinny

miss maggie
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Dear Sue,

Have a safe and wonderful visit with your sister's.

Love Maggie

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It feels so good to see your family even if its only once a year. Drive safe and be waiting for your post when you get back. John

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Hi Sue,

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself!


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Hi Sue,
That's great that you're going to see your aunt and sister! Have fun and be careful on your trip.


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Well, I am trying to figure out what to do with myself this weekend. Lots of home improvement projects, and gardening chores, but missing my dear husband, who I lost to prostate cancer this past April 26th. Same month that I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Ugh. Funny how all the things that you used to enjoy don't mean much when there's nobody there to share them with. The cats are just not an appreciative audience.

Maybe go visit my mom and see if I can do her grocery shopping tomorrow. Helping someone else definitely makes you feel better...

miss maggie
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Dear Ava,

I lost my husband and best friend in May 2004 to Pancreatic Cancer. Your loss is so recent.
Please give yourself time to grieve. It must be especially hard being DX with Lymphoma and
not having your husband and support system beside you. I was DX 5 years later after his

See how you feel, maybe you'd rather stay home, or maybe help your mom. Yes, helping someone, especially your mom, could be a life saver for you. I lost my mom in 1975. How
I wish I still had her. It was not to be.

In time, and it does take time. I am left with the most wonderful memories of my husband,
and my mom too. I am blessed with a wonderful family, and the greatest friends in the world
to carry me along.

I have 2 cats. I cannot imagine entering my home without them greeting me at the door.
The worst thing in the world would be having an empty house.

God Bless you. Love Maggie

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