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I have been diagnosed with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease- stage 3 Chriocarcinoma. When originally diagnosed I was told that this was an easy fix, a weekly shot of methotrexate would do the trick. When that didn't work I would did the methotrexate five days a week every other week. This treatment has now failed and it is now in my lungs (hence the stage 3). I then found a specialist in this rare cancer, who has started me with an EMA/CO treatment. I did my first EMA portion of the EMA/CO. I feel that I am just waiting around to start feeling bad. I was told I would loose my hair and that it would be less painful if I cut it short first. Any advice on how to proceed with the next couple of days? Has anyone experienced this type of treatment before, that could give me a little insight on what to expect. Do you have any advice about cutting my hair, and if so synthetic wig vis real hair wig? I have so many questions.

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I had to go do research to find out what is in you are going through because I had never heard of it before. In answer to your question about hair. I cut mine short before receiving the first chemo treatment. It gives a person a sense of control over something in your life. I also chose to shave all the hair off once it started falling out. I chose to also go bald instead of wearing a wig, so I could not help you there. I live in Texas and last year when I was going through chemo is was 100 degrees. It was brutally hot. No hat, no scarf, no wig. Good luck with your treatments. trish

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