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First time posting

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Hello Everyone,

I ran across this site the other night while sitting in the ER with my Mother. She was diagnosed with Non Small Cell Carcinoma Of Mullerian Origin on March 9, 2012. At her first appt with the Oncologist on March 15, we were told that it was very unusual because she did not have any masses on her ovaries or any of her female organs so they were going to call it Carcinoma of Unknown Primary and wanted to start her on Gemazar the following Monday. She had the treatment that following Monday March 19th which went well until I noticed the following Fri that she was getting very jaundice. She was scheduled for another round of the Gemazar the next Monday the 26th as well as an office visit to see how she tolerated the first round. Her bilirubin was 5.9 so her Oncologist decided against continuing with the 2nd treatment. After several weeks and a couple of hospital stays her Oncologist finally told us that she now thinks that Mom has PPC. She entertained the idea of surgery but after further consideration decided that Mom was just to weak to under go a major surgery so she started her on Carboplatin as of 4/28 and has been getting it weekly since. She was going to start her on Taxol this past Fri but Mom started passing blood with her bowel on Thurs which landed up back in the ER. Her Oncologist ended up admitting her the next day after her chemo treatment so that they could find out what was causing the bleeding as well as have a net put in her groin since she was taking her off the blood thinner they had been giving her for the blood clot in her leg. She is scheduled to have a colonoscopy tomorrow. Thru this all, the biggest challenge has been to get her to eat. I would have never fathomed a day that my Mom would not want to eat. She has ALWAYS loved food and to cook. When she started losing weight last summer we all just chalked it up to the extreme heat and the fact that she was eating better due to cooking healthier due to my StepDads diabetes. She has gone from being over 200lbs to at current 110. My Mom means the world to me and I feel so blessed that I am able to care for her. I have read several postings have found so much hope and inspiration. I look forward to speaking with you all and sharing our experiences thru our own personal journeys.

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Welcome to this board ... although I wish I didn't have to say hello to you in these circumstances. One thing that really came through in your post is that your mum is surrounded by love which I think is the best thing to have when you go through this experience. It's hard to see someone you are close to not being able to eat and to look poorly. Healing hugs go out to both you and your mum... .

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I see u have been doing ur research! I think keeping on top of things saves them the problems of worrying about the facts. My mom has PPC. Well, she is in a remission period now since November. Really thinkin positive but i know the outlook will most likely lead her back to chemo. Mom had no sign of cancer on her reproductive organs but her one ovary was larger so he thinks it came from there so that's how they treat her also. They did that first which she seemed to really respond almost perfectly. My mom seems to have the same as urs really. They treat for ovarian. She did carbo/taxol for like 6 treatments than they did the debulking, than more chemo and she made it. I know it's hard to watch her. My mom was a size 22 and she went down to like a 12. Some people can just get chemo and feel great. My mom was not one of them.
To sum it all up. She is gonna go through hell. No other way to say it. It pushes them to breaking point and than somehow we are there to push them to keep going on. Stay strong. I would always wait till i was alone in my room to cry. And my other family members avoided the whole idea of the cancer. My mom wanted to talk about it and wanted me to find ways to help her out.

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to the site but so sorry you are in situation. I can only say that when I was in those early days and could not eat I sipped Ensure,milkshates and smoothies. As the chemo started working eating got easier. I had carbo 4 times before surgery and carbo/taxol 6 times after surgery. Praying they get this all sorted out for you and she feels better soon. Feel free to come on here and share and ask questions. We are all here to help each other.

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Hi there...
It's PatsieD alias wanttogetwellsoon. I picked the first name at my lowest point so if you want my profile, it's under that. I hope your wife is feeling much better. When I was first diagnosed, I didn't eat much but was gaining weight as I had fluid in my abdomen. After the chemo, I felt better though not my usual self. Nothing can be compared to how I was at the beginning however, so there is some light there to look to. I send you enornous healing hugs to your family. :)

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