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Colonoscopy question

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Just curious what your experience was after your colonoscopy. I have one coming up in the next couple of weeks, it was booked a few months ago...and now have other events planned for the days immediately after the procedure. How long does it take after the colonoscopy for things to get back to normal?? Does the prep. cause you to have the runs in the days after the colonoscopy? The last colonoscopy I had was prior to surgery, but I had a complete blockage so the prep. had absolutely no effect on me.

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No runs for me after having the colonoscopy but trying to get my poop back on schedule was the hard part. Good luck with your events. I'm thinking you should be fine as long as you don't overdo the food too much.


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My memory of teh few I have had is that the prep is hard- esp after a bowel resection when the bowels are a bit twitchy anyway but afterwards things return to normal pretty quickly. Eat sensibly though.


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I've had 3 in the last few months and thing returned to normal pretty quickly even after my surgery. You can't drink right after without eating or it goes right through. Once you eat though, it's usually fine. The only thing I experienced is some indigestion.

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My mistake was drinking a full bottle of water the nurse had given me after the procedure. It came right back up! Yuck.

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Hi, I had no problems after my colonoscopy. Everything went right back to normal. Just a little groggy and took a short nap. After that I was fine.

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