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waiting for test results AGAIN

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ahh, where to start. I have Stage 1A,clear cell, tumor grade 3. I know the stage one is supposed to be encouraging but the clear cell and tumor grade are not and I was put on the standard chemo treatment. The whole time since diagnosis (2-29-2012) I had this nagging feeling there is still something wrong. I have a new onc that I am very please with. I am to have treatment four this Friday. When I talked to her about side effects of the chemo, she told me if my numbers were down in normal range, if I chose I could do treatment four and stop. So we did a CA-125 and it was 75. The last one was 92. She called and said she is "disheartened" by this. Yes it's coming down but not fast enough and it could be I am developing chemo resistant cells. OR something growing somewhere else. I had a cat scan yesterday and am still waiting on the results. Does'nt it stink how all of this takes up your thoughts every minute of every day? Over the past couple weeks I have noticed my abdomen swelling. She noticed too and told me there has been no weight gain, so that is a concern too. Also nausea if I eat a normal meal. The rest of me looks the same, back, front, arms, face, but if I turn to the side I look like I am six months along. Clothes are getting tight at this point and I am scared. They were supposed to call yesterday and did'nt but I believe in God and maybe that call will come this morning while my husband is home. Maybe I will need him.

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Is hard..praying your scan is clear...val

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the Dr called. she said there are two areas of concern, one in my lower left side and the other at the vena cava, near small intestine. These areas showed up on first scan but were attributed to post op changes. However, they are responding to chemo and have shrank some. The mass at the vena cava are involved in lymph nodes. Therefore she said I DO have positive lymph nodes and upgraded, (or downgraded) me to a Stage 3, clear cell, tumor grade 3. :( Continuing treatments 4,5 and 6, recheck scan in July and ecide what to do from there.

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for all you are going through. It is a lot to take in. Good news about the response to chemo. I'm glad you found us. There are so many caring and informed women on this site. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hugs, and prayers ...I hope the chemo works to your best advantage

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