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Symptoms of brain mets

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I would love to hear from anyone who has experience brain mets. I had stage 3 bc diagnosed in 2004. Over the last 4 weeks I have been having difficulty walking, kind of like feeling off balanced not vertigo. I have had problems with dizziness that started after chemo but it has never lasted this long so of course I worry about brain mets. It hasn't gotten any worse so I keep telling myself it is probably just stress. My husband is currently battling stage 4 colorectal cancer and I am completely focused on him right now and just want this to go away. Anyone have anything like this happening ever? Thanks for any advice. Blessings to you all! Teri

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Call your Dr!!!! He/she needs to know about this ASAP. Any symptom that last two weeks needs to be reported and investigated.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I know we jump right away to the possibility of cancer...but it could easily be something with your ears too. Regardless, get it checked, and then let us know.



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I would say go see your dr. What you are experiencing could be a number of things. As you said it could be from stress. It could also be from lack of sleep. Keep yourself healthy so you can be there for your husband.


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I appreciate the comments. I know I should call my doctor but can't decide if I should call my oncologist who is an hour away, my neurologist who is booked until June or another primary care doctor. So today went with hubby to his oncologist and said nothing. I do need to just do something so I can move forward. This is not a good feeling at all. Thanks again. Hugs, Teri

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I had 10 radiation treatment for brain mets almost 9 weeks ago.....I had my scans and it showed 3 small spots....we were in shock, totally blind sided my MO sent me, pronto to my RO....I never gave brain mets a thought ...my bc came back in my lymph nodes...they are 99.9% that the radiation took care of the spots...I was totally asymptomatic...I was given a complete neurological exam...I had zero symptoms....Not to scare you but one of the first question he asked was if I was having any balance problems....like listing to one side or the other...he asked me tons of questions...

Please see your doctor....better safe than sorry...I would call your oncologist and let them know about what you are experiencing....

Hugs and my best to you and your husband

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Call and go see which ever doctor will see you now Teri. Praying for you.

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See your doctor ASAP. I had bc two years ago . Last year I started having headaches and ringing in my ears. I put it off and found myself in the hospital. I had brain surgery with rads. I' m feeling great now but do not delay. I can' t stress that enough. Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing.

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Double Whammy
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My experience over the past 2 years has been to go to my pcp if I'm in between routine appointments with the other folks (oncologist, surgeon, gyn oncologist). In my case, she's always able to get me to wherever I need to go much sooner than I could do on my own, and I can get an appointment quickly with her. She also always takes my concerns very seriously.

If you hav a hard time getting appointments with either your oncologist or your neurologist soon enough, your pcp should be able to help you.


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Please see your doctor.

Hugs, Jan

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Thanks for all your comments and advice. It means so much. I did call my oncologist who wanted me in the following day for an mri but I was not able to drive all that way so I went to my neurologist in town. He said he did not think it was a neurological problem but wanted me to have an MRI to just be sure. He said there is the possiblity of a mini stroke-TIA but he didn't think so. He is referring me to a cardiologist for further testing. He checked my heart reate while sitting and then standing and it went from 70 to 100 which could indicate something called POTS which I have never heard of. So it is all wierd stuff but hopefully with after the cardiologist appt and the MRI appt something will be figured out. Meanwhile this week is chemo week for my husband so it is going to be stressful getting both of us to all these appointments...Thanks again for your comments. God bless you all! Hugs, Teri

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I am glad you're going to have further tests Teri to find out what is going on with you. I will be praying for you. Also, good luck to your husband. You will have a stressful week, but, know that we are all here for you and your husband praying.

Sue :)

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Alexis F
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Any results on your test Terri?

Hugs, Lex

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Checking to see if there was an update. Terri, did you get in to your doctor?

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Thanks for checking up on me! I still don't know what is wrong. I have seen a cardiologist and a neurologist. I am having an MRI once they get it scheduled. The did a heart monitor test but don't know results yet. It is very frustrating. I hate feeling like I am going to fall over everytime I try to walk. And I dread having the MRI as I am very clastrophobic. My mother in law keeps telling me it is just stress but she also tells my husband he will be just fine. Meanwhile my husband is feeling horrible and keeps e-mailing me jobs I should apply for. It just is bad all the way around. Just feels so hopeless. Hugs to you all. Teri

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Alexis F
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I am sorry that you don't know anything yet Teri. I have MRI's yearly and I know the feeling. Ask for something to relax you. They can give you an anxiety or nerve pill that will calm you down.

You are under a lot of stress, but, it is understandable. You need some answers. Keep us posted Teri.



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Just thought I would update you all! I had my MRI a week ago. It was actually ordered by my neurologist not oncologist. When I called to ask for the results, I had to leave a message on the answering machine. Someone called me back when I was gone, of course, and said that the doctor will call me if there is anything he needs to discuss and that if I don't here from him that means it was normal. So since I haven't heard from him, I am assuming that means it is normal. Good news. Except I still have no answers as to what is causing this unsteadiness. The cardiologist wants to do a tilt table test to see if I have POTS. I am tired of all the tests but I do want answers. I just don't understand why this is so hard to figure out. Next week is chemo for my husband so I have some time to think.......Blessings to you all.

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Megan M
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I would want to go over the results of the MRI with the doctor. Didn't they give you a follow up appointment? You do deserve some answers I think. I will celebrate the good news with you!

Wishing your husband good luck with chemo next week.

You take care,


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Yea, I think I'd still be in the dark too. I'd call that nurse back and schedule a time to go see your neurologist tko.

Praying that it is all good news for you!

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