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Avastin & Taxol

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Hi all - new to posting, but did find this site helpful when first diagnosed in Oct. 2011 wi/NS lung cancer in both lungs. At first was told Stage 1, but then was told if in both lungs it is technically stage IV. Have had about 3 treatments with certain chemo's, but they kicked my butt and lowered all my blood counts and platelet's and wound up in the hospital a couple of times for transfusions, and antibiotic's due to pneumonia. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck in shrinking tumors w/Avastin & Taxol. These do not seem to be too taxing. Thanks for any help, advice.

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My wife had very good luck with shringking the tumors and spreading. She was on those two as well as cetuximab as part of aclinical study. While the cetuximab my have augmented the rate of reduction, she was very pleased and it gave us time to do more and live life. So

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Thank you NayPaul...in reading your answer my hope meter just rose a bit :)

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