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breast shrinkage?

Lori Ann 66
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Hello all...Lori Ann here! I am wondering if anyone has experienced a noticeable shrinkage in their breast size with this disease? I have not actually "measured", but it's pretty obvious that my breasts have shrunk AT LEAST one cup size. I have not had any other weight loss thus far....I have just found out I have this disease but have yet to be staged, have chemo, surgery, blah blah blah....just waiting on insurance issues and the gyn onc to review my referral and call me (they claim I will get a call tomorrow for my first visit...yay!) However, for now, the breast thing is bugging me! Would like to hear if anyone else has had or has this issue as well, and if there is any reason for it, or solution to the problem?

As for everything else, I know it's off-topic, but I have been reading all of your hints and suggestions for things that plague us with this disease...mostly the digestive tract issues, and I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who come on here to help and support one another! I am so glad I found this group, as I am certain I will be needing you all in the near future! I hope to one day inspire or assist someone as some of the stories and ALL of the women here have inspired me.

Have a beautiful day, and be thankful for it!

Lori Ann

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Lori Ann

Your question can't be answered without more personal info about you:
How old are you?
Are you still having periods?

Breast size & density is completely dependent on estrogen levels. I would guess that your estrogen level has dropped & THAT'S A GOOD THING!

Estrogen promotes growth including cancer. Some women have posted here that they were told they had very dense breasts--for a young, cycling female, that is to be expected. For a middle-aged female who is in menopause from surgery, that's NOT such a good thing.

Hope this is helpful--you can have a blood test to let you check that estrogen level but I can't imagine why the insurance would pay for the test.

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