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I maybe married to Marvin, but I'm in LOVE with NED!

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Two years out of chemo and radiation and still Ned as of todays check-up! CA125 was a little elevated(17), but still low enough to please dr.s! Saw the intergrative dr. also...too late to start a battle tonight, so I will post tomorrow and see where you all stand. Best, Debrajo

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Debrajo: I really do hate women who cheat on their husbands, but this one is okay!!!LOL
Congratulations, may you continue to be NED forever. Best to you and hubby. June

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Posts: 1095
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Bless your heart...and thanks! I've had the old sweetheart for 45 years so I think I'll Keep him....and NED! Best Debrajo

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That's the news we all love to hear!
Long may you have two partners in your life!!!
Kindest wishes

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May you continue with the two though out your life. So happy for you. It is always nice to open the boards with good news to start the day off. trish

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Great news DebraJo - you've been with NED a year longer than me! Thanks for sharing. I saw my integrative doctor too yesterday - we are continuing on the Iscador (mistletoe) therapy for the foreseeable future.
(I was finished with chemo a year ago last week and my oncologist counts NED from the end of all treatments).
Susan (London, stage Ia MMMT/ uterine carcinosarcoma)

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Shell bug
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It's so fabulous to hear that debrajo!!! Good news is so encouraging to us all.

Hold on to NED tight!

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