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Doxil and/or Gemzar and Radiation

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Hola from the ovarian board. I know that many of you receive chemo and radiation for uterine cancer. Ovarian cancer patients don't generally receive radiation, but I know a woman with Clear Cell, who has read research saying her chances are improved with radiation. She has had two surgeries, as her cancer recurred before she completed her first line carbo/taxol. Now her specialists are giving her conflicting information. One says Doxil and Gemzar and then radiation, another says you cannot have Doxil or Gemzar before radiation. Has anyone heard any reason not to have these drugs prior to radiation? Has anyone received them before radiation?
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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When I started chemo for a first recurrence 2 years ago, I was given Doxil initially. I developed what seemedlike an odd skin reaction, not the usual Doxil skin rash. It covered an area where I had received radiation for breast cancer 10 yrs before. My gyn onc said it could be radiation recall which can occur with Doxil and he switched me to Gemzar to avoid further complications. I had 2 cycles of Doxil with rash after 2nd worse than after first. I never researched it any further but this may be a Doxil issue.

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Sara Zipora
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I had HMRT Radiation therapy 27 of them daily five days a week, over 5 and a half weeks, after Gemzar carbo. That was after recurrence then surgery to remove 8cm tumor.
My whitte and red cells ere in the toilet and needed two or here transfusions.
Anyway then six weeks later had CT. Lymph nodes in pelvic area shrunk but suspicious spot on lung. Next Tuesday I havePET. I am Stage IV b grade III Endometrial, adreno mixed clear and undifferentiated cell carcinoma. Dx and total hyst and everything else and staging July 2010.
Hope this is of help to you.


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thanks for your replies. This is helpful. Good luck to you.

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