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Would like to know about RPLND vs. Chemotherapy

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I will be 20 years old in a month or so, I have a girlfriend and no kids. I am going to Kansas City to the medical center at KU to see Dr. Thrasher ( Not sure on spelling of the name) I was wondering just so I kind to know what to expect when I talk to him, what is a good choice for a young adult like myself. RPLND or Chemo? I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last month, my Oncologist said I did good by catching it early (stage 1). He said that it was my tumor was 60% embrynal (excuse my poor spelling) cells, which I believe is the most type to act up later in life. So I have two options, Chemotherapy vs. RPLND. I am just a little perplexed, because my oncologist told me to do the surgery, and my surgeon told me to do the chemotherapy. So my surgeon scheduled me to see Dr. Thrasher. From what I hear he is a remarkable Doc.

And side note, I realize RPLND is high risk, but times have changed since the 80's and Laparoscopic is the kind of RPLND I would get. So any feedback is accepted just would like some feedback for someone who had the same choice I have had recently.

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Hey, I recently had a very similar situation, 28 years old, diagnosed with Stage 1 TC, Non-seminoma, mostly embryonic carcinoma. I Opted for the chemo route, 2 cycles BEP, just wrapped up on June 18. Whether it was successful, only time and the followup scans will tell.

My oncologists initially

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This is probably getting to you too late, but I had stage 3 TC. Three rounds of BEP and RPLND. I have a huge scar. If you can get away with just doing chemo first and see how your body reacts to it would be the way I would go. The surgery is not all that bad either, but if you want kids in the future, like I do, it is better to avoid it if possible.
Best of luck

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My 22 year old son was diagnosed with testicular cancer in April. This summer he had a left radical orchiectomy and underwent 2 rounds of BEP and 2 rounds of EP after a mild reaction to the Biomycien. They are now saying he will probably need RPLND surgery which we will know for sure when he has his cat scan on Friday. He is a college student upstate and we live in Miami. I know he needs to have this done by a experienced surgeon. Does anyone have any experience having this done in South Florida? We are willing to travel to Sloan Kettering if necessary. Would appreciate any doctor recommendations. Also would like to know about the recovery period. How long do you think it will take until he can go back to school or even just feel well enough to think about his courses.

Thank you from an anxious mother.

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I just had the RPLND surgery Nov 27th and it has been very rough.  I had some complications during recovery though, my bowels and stomach didn't "wake up" from the anesthesia like they should and made my recovery very difficult.  I am almost 6 weeks out now and still have very sore muscles in my abdomen and upper thigh areas, but the good news is they got all the cancer out and I don't have to have chemo.  I am hopig to try and go back to work next week, but I am taking off next semester of school, I just don't want to push it and have my work, grades and health suffer from trying to do to much, but if he can schedule it just right he should be able to just be out of school for one semester.  If he does have this surgery make sure to tell him to ask for the nerve sparing surgery, I did not have that and regret it.  The main reason (sorry for my bluntness here) is that I no longer "shoot" anything, nothing at all comes out during ejaculation, so if he is wanting kids in the future he should deffinatly go the nerve sparing route.  Also he may want to look into sperm banking before this surgery.  I hope this finds you in time and I hope I am not freaking you out even more.  Just want to let you know what I've been thru in hopes that it helps you guys.  Good luck!!

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how does it affect your sex life? Do you still perform the same? you don't shoot anything out so then what happens how do u know when your done 

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Hi,  my 23 yr. old was diagnosed thursday and having orchiectomy in the morning.  We are in north florida and were wondering what info you found out on having the surgery done.  Everyone we have spoken with says to have the RPLND done in order to have best long term chances.



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