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A friend of mine has

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A friend of mine has a thyroid disorder and rectal cancer. Okay it's me. Anyway, I just read that I should not be drinking almond milk or eating brocolli sprouts because it will cause my thyroid to swell. Better call my endocronologist and I'm making the nutritionist a sooner than later appointment. So for four days I've been attempting to slow down the cancer and pretty much destroying my metabolism and counteracting my synthroid. No wonder I feel like crap today. Good job! lol My body (especially my head) is rebelling and calling me names right now. Plus I told the doctor I react badly to antibiotics and he insisted I had to take this specific one after the biopsy so my face is numb and tingly and that there was no other one for this specific thing. Yeahhhhhhh drugs and food! And now a word from out sponsor . . .water. The only thing you can count on at the moment. A great no calorie, no taste, get out the toxins, guaranteed not to attack your body treat!

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