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Does anyone have to do a prep b4?

I am going today at 4. I really don't want to do the second enema. does anybody throw up from the preps? Coloyte and fleet enemas make me throwup. My stomach is empty from fasting, so really just water or dry heaving is happening. If I take another enema I don't think I will be able to drive the one hour to the doctors office.

Please advise your experiences.


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My doctor doesn't require me to prep prior to getting anoscopes. The only thing I do differently on the day I get scoped is get up extra early to give my bowels time to move before my appt.

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Ahh. Thank you.

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I have to do the 24 hr prep..liquids only the day before and then an enema at night and one in the morning. I would think you should be ok, if it would prevent you from going to your appt. The doc can also do a rinse at the time of the scope if he needs to. I know what you mean about the nausea! YUCK.

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I have to do 3 fleet enemas. Two the night before and one the morning of the procedure. Nothing else.

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is this prep for anoscope or proctoscope. at MDA this prep is for proctoscope and i do nothing for anoscope( only goes few inches up ). sephie

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Thats the answer Sephie.

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Wow...never realized till now! I have a colostomy and always feel like tho doing ok, I got kind of a bum deal, but....as far as prep for Anascope, not needed for me because that part of me is out of commision! Thanks for making me feel good, hope all goes well for you!

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It worked out fine with one enema after morning BM.

My doctor explained the reason for throwing up is that some people absorb more of the active ingredient in the enemas and coloyte into the bloodstream than others.

Anascope was clear.

However there was some uptake in the uterous. We have been watching a large fibroid and an enlarged uterous since 9/27/10. I have an appointment next week with the gyn.

Funny, I was just starting to feel better.

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