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Snoring and cancer

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Found an interesting link on Drudge in regards to snoring and cancer. Supposedly an up to 5 times more likely to get cancer if you snore.

Snoring Can Raise Cancer Risk


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my husband never snores.
WHen we were early in this thing, the onco-surgeon kept quoting statistics because my husband was such a strong candidate, etc, etc... well, he was on the wrong side of every single one of those statistics..


but i'm not attacking you for posting this. we're all trying to find the answers.

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This was reported on the Today show this morning, but I missed it. I'm going to go on internet and see it.
Hope you're feeling good, Sandra

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So many of these comments are just great. I wish we could give them a little checkmark or the like.

I, too, read the article. Our oldest son sent it to our attention. Every little crumb of information will one day make a cookie (which I will instantly devour being a cookie fanatic) that will give us an answer. As to statistics, somewhere there is a quote to the effect that there are lies, damn lies and statistics. Snoring is often linked to obesity and the relaxation of throat musculature. Yet, How many young, fit, athletic types are struck by this awful disease. EC doesn't happen overnight. My personal feeling (no one has suggested such or even agrees with me) in my husband's instance goes to heavy nasal drainage, taking a prescription medication such as napersen late at night, lying down, and the pill just dissolving at the juncture in the mucous rather than going on through, just eating away at the tissue. Over the years, such consistent irritation might create a problem. However, I know nothing, claim to know nothing, but just wish someone would find a cure--now. As researchers are wont to say, more research is needed and it appears to have multiple origins. BMGky

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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 7 years ago. Got a CPAP machine which kept my snoring under control. But you know, I think it was all about the weight. Since I lost 80+ pounds, I don't have sleep apnea anymore. Amazing. I don't have diabetes anymore. Or for that matter, a healthy esophagus. Don't have THAT anymore either. It figures. As Gilda Radner said, "It's always something!"

The students have been nothing but great and supportive. As has the whole college. I'll be having a CT scan on Friday to see if the 2nd run of chemo works. Oh yeah, got a new announcement to make, in its own slot.

Take care, all of youse guys. (And gals, of course!!!)


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Interesting. Bill is definitely a snorer. A couple of his doctors think the life threatening blood clot he had in 2004 was possibly linked to his (at that time undiagnosed) sleep apnea. He has had a CPAP machine since then. I know Judy Reed's Don also had a CPAP machine because we had a talk about Bill's bad habit of not regularly changing out his tubing, so presumably Don also snores.

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I did find this article interesting. Don has snored for years - I wish I would have known Loretta's bell trick LOL - that would have been funny!

Don also quit using his Cpap machine after he was hospitalized with internal MRSA in 2009. The doctors could not find any way other than possibly the nose for the MRSA to be internal. In fact, at first when they xrayed Don, they thought he had cancer because the infection appeared on all of his major organs. When it was determined it was MRSA - he was given antibiotics for over a month and it did clear up. But Don never ever used his CPAP machine after that and he did change hoses, etc. on a regular basis - apparently our insurance covered these hoses, etc very well because the supplier called on a monthly basis to tell us they were sending new stuff.

Right now as I write this - Don is taking a nap in his chair and he is snoring - now I don't have the heart to 'ring' him awake - he needs his rest - but a few years ago - I would have done it.


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Rickie also suffered from sleep apnea.He was diagnosed about 18 years ago and he wore his Cpap religiously ever since. Previously he had had horrible heartburn and indigestion and would be up many times during the night eating tums. We use to joke that between he and I we should buy stock in the Tums company! His snoring was so bad that people in the next room at hotels would complain. The funny thing was once he gave in and had a sleep study and started using a c-pap machine, his indigestion went away, and he never suffered from it again. He use to tell people how wonderful the c-pap machine was because it cured his reflux! We now know that it did not cure it, and probably contributed to the growth of the tumors. When he was diagnosed in Oct. 2010 the tumors were quite large, covering 20 centimeters of his esophagus.

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