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?? Anyone gone through 10 chemo treatments and still had CEA > 400 ?

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oncologist chaaracterizes my wife's stage IV cancer as a stable disease with CEA at about 500 since mid March (3 tests all roughly 500) having previously bottomed at 300. Still at 500 just before lasst week's 11th treatment. one more treatment then scans and colon surgery consult and second oncologist opinion about next phase.

Has anyone here quote stabelized this high before end of 1st line treatment?

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As you know, my CEA is/was always low. I am but one of many on here, possibly others may have had a similar experience.
I would imagine that your wife's CEA being stable is overall a good thing. I think it's a very good idea to get that second option after the scans.
My best to you and your wife Peter.

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To me the 300 cea still seems high. I would push the oncologist about that. Maybe he is wanting for the scans. Praying all is well. Jeff

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CEA numbers can vary greatly from what I've read. Also smoking elevates the marker significantly. Was your wife a smoker?

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CEA at dx was 1800. dropped quickly to about 300 in just 2 treatments, but went no lower. then up to about 500 where it has stayed. From what I have seen in the literature CEA > 200 at time of resection is not good. And typical CEA at dx is lower than my wife's after 10 treatments. I can only view this as a bad thing. ONC has moved PET/CT scan up to next week instead of waiting until after last chemo. So, we will know a lot more by end of next week...

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I pray for you both. As far as CEA mine was never that high. When they got a 6.7 did pet/CT and found met to a lymph node. I'm glad scans are sooner rather than later. Please keep us posted. We ALL DO CARE!


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