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Dad newly diagnosed-lots of questions- and I tend to get long-winded

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Hello all. I hope it is ok for me to post as I am not a cancer survivor. My dad went into the hospital about 4 weeks ago for bleeding. During a colonoscopy, they found a mass said it was probably not cancerous. Then the Dr. tells us it was cancer, but that he got it all. At his follow-up appointment with the surgeon, the Dr. tells us that out of 38 lymph nodes removed, cancer was found in two and the mass was an inch by an inch and a half. From what I understand, his staging is 3A.
Now that you have the back story, here come my questions. his oncology appointment is Tuesday. What should we expect? Will they schedule chemo then or will they just talk and run more tests? What questions should we ask? I already have a pretty long list, but would love to hear some questions survivors had or wished they had asked at first. What should we know about treatment? On a personal level, what helped the most from friends and family?
Sorry to bombard with questions, but my head is spinning and I'm pretty sure my husband is just as overwhelmed and just feels bad because this is one time he can't "talk me down" if you will.
Also, I would love any advice and stories you may have. I'm sorry to join this group but so glad I found it. I've been reading some older posts and see what a wonderful group this is. I look forward to getting to know you and hearing any words of advice you can offer. Also, sorry, I tend to get very "wordy"!!!

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First off, it is definately alreight for you to post. We want all folks who are or have been impacted by this disease to feel free to ask and participate.

So sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis. I can't offer advice about chemo as I didn't do it, but I am sure that others will post soon with help for you.

Always feel free to ask any and all questions, vent, share worries, share tears, share a laugh now and then and always to share good news.

Welcome to the place none of us would wish to be but are so grateful to have.


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So sorry to hear of your dad's prognosis. His first oncology appointment they will go over everything. If your dad has not had a CT or PET scan that will probably be ordered. They will describe the treatment options that he will be going through. Make sure that someone goes along with him because two pairs of ears are better than one. The patient tends to be so overwhelmed that they misunderstand information or mishear it. Also, take notes. Once this appointment is done it will be a rollercoaster of different things. You will know what more questions to ask once you get a little more information from the doctor. Don't feel bad about getting long posts, we all tend to do that especially when we are ranting. Good luck to your dad next week and keep us informed. Welcome to the board.


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