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Waiting game

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So I finally had my colonoscopy today after prep problems a couple weeks ago. It went much better this time with the Miralax prep. I have a colostomy so the process is a little different. The doc said the colonoscopy went fine but did take a couple samples to have biopsied from the anescope. I don't really know if he saw something alarming, or since he is a GE and not my regular doc, when he saw my excess scar tissue and inflamation he thought there may be a problem. I know better safe than sorry, and I seldom hear of Anal Cancer reoccurance, but mine was Stage3 pushing4 a little over a year ago so just a little anxious. In March I had surgery for a rare Breast Cancer so my mind is often on the run these days. I'll let you know, when I find out if its anything needing treatment. Hoping all is well, and always praying for all in treatment at this time.

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I'm glad you were able to get the scope done this time around and that the Miralax prep was successful. I'm sure the doctor who did the procedure is being cautious regarding the biopsy tissues taken and I hope you won't have a long wait for the results. May everything come back negative!

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I know you are on an emotional roller coaster ride at the momement. I only had anal cancer. The waiting for tests results was absolutely the worst for me emotionally. The big "C" was constantly on my mind for the first two years. This website has been a true blessing. I am 3 years 4 months post treatment. Unfortunately with anal cancer some of us have permanent side effects which remind us of what we went through. I found having a positive attitude helped me though my treatment and recovery. Hang in there. It will get better.

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It is very common for benign polyps to be removed and/or tested during colonoscopies. Good point about the scar tissue as well. It's new to him so of course he will want to test it. I have a feeling it's going to be a good report!

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Keep yourself occupied, and remember worrying won't help, so focus on what you can effect. Even if everything looks normal during a colonoscopy they typically take samples, just in case. Guess they figure while they've got the opportunity, go for it! Keep us posted.


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Prayers going up now as I just read this. Have you heard anything yet? I have to go for a colonoscopy of June 13th since there were precancerous cells removed at the one done a year ago when the anal cancer was discovered, an endoscopy also since I've had some problems swallowing likely caused by acid reflux and age. The doctor says he isn't worried anyway. So I empathize and will be happy when this is behind me.
All the best, Sandy

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