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Did you get your scan results yesterday.

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That's good.

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Congrats, Ralph!

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whewwww.....breathing out now.....been holding breath :) good stuff Phil


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Great Phil. Will pyou bpe able to take that break that you were hoping for

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Good news :)

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Yes, stable is good.


Marie who loves kitties

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You are an inspiration!

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We'll take stable!


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Love good news.

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So good to hear good news!


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As you say stable is good- happy to find any reason to celebrate at the moment so will raise a glass to you tonight. Congrats,

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Phil, so glad to hear things are stable. Wish we'd heard the beast was "gone," but glad it's stable anyway.


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Great news! May you have continued great news. Lori

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good to hear stable my friend.
all the best to you
never,ever give up!!!!!

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Hey Phil,
I hope you realize that you are blazing a trail many will follow. I'm certain that there are a lot people, myself included, who marvel at your attitude and wherewithal. It's truly amazing and inspiring. Keep up the good work...

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Good news.


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Great news, fantastic always good to hear Good News.

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Stable is good and you are incredible! Keep on keeping on.


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The scan was stable. For me, that's good. As most of you know I've been at this a while and I'm basically living with cancer. I continue to have small growths in my lungs (2-3 of them) that grow very slowly. This is still the case. My CEA is slightly elevated (2.0 to 2.5) and I'll have to see what happens with my next CEA. We're all different, but I have had a pattern of my CEA slowly rising throughout the year cumulating with a RFA in the Fall or early Winter. At least that's how the past 4+ years have played out.

Dr K offered to show me the scans this time so I accepted. I like to get a visual more than read a report. I can't even remember the last time I read a physical report, I don't fully understand all of the lingo nor do I care to. I'm more of a visual person as far as this stuff goes (plus I enjoy looking at my guts!) One spot that the report said grew actually looked slightly smaller to both Dr K and myself)

Due to an insurance screwup (which I'm not going in to, it's been resolved so it's a moot point), I took off for 1 chemo round and will pick it back up again so I'm getting a much needed short break.

As we all read about everyone's stories/adventures/journeys, we can see how we're all different. There's the option of beating Stage IV, having Stage IV beat us, and living with Stage IV. While it may get me at some point, my CBC remains perfect (as it has for 8 years - never missed a treatment due to low platelets or any other blood issue) and my CEA has never gone about 8.4. My quality of life remains good, I need to get my *** out on the lake to kayak and to take more walks. I also need to "up" the organics, the juicing, and cut out (gasp!) ice cream...

A large part of my fate, as is most of our cases, remains in my hands. There are always things out of our control (the falling space debris) that can end our time on Earth. Just because we have/had cancer it doesn't mean we'll die from it. There's plenty of other things that take people out every day so don't obsess with cancer if you can help it. Do what you need to do to stay ahead of it, if you're not doing well then maybe it's time to try something else. Try to make the best choices you can in the beginning since it's easier to maintain a good plan than to play catchup and undo what's been done needlessly or incorrectly.

Thank you all again.

on a side note:
I was cleaning out my email inbox this morning (I have over 3000 unread emails) I came across one from Jana Miller. Some of you Old Timers may remember her. She was a wonderful person who unfortunately lost her battle with cancer close to 4 years ago. She passed away at age 38 after a 6 year fight with cancer. She kept things in perspective for me. While there may be people who are doing better than we may be doing, there are always those who have no options left and are not doing well...

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*\0/* *\0/* *\0/*

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Not stirred...
Had a vodka Martini once...very nice. Three of those Grey Goose ones would put me on my butt

son of hal
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That all sounds pretty good Phil,(I guess). You continue to have a great attitude and perspective from where you're at. I share much of that outlook but it's easier for me being a stage II. I give you alot of credit being a 4. Keep up the good work. It's also good to see people evolve WITH this disease and make changes to their game plans accordingly. Many people needlessly go down with a sinking ship instead of looking to slow or stop the water from coming in....
Take care CJ

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wonderful post Phil.....thank you


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I never was Stage II so I don't have that point of reference. I felt if I'm gonna get cancer, why lé dick around (pardon my French) go right to the top (or bottom depending on how you look at it.)

You hit the nail on the head CJ, one may have to evolve with cancer. I certainly wished it never happened or I was Stage I, II, or III but I wasn't. Initial prognosis was not great and every six to nine months I'd get a "New Normal". You evolve if you want to survive I've found. It's not the same circumstances so you can't treat it as such.

A GREAT observation!
Hope things are well with you

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:-) Nice.

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Thank you for sharing...

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Phil, You are amazing.. it is all about our spirit and attitude that gets us thru... I love to see my inners too when they test.. I always ask to see..
I am always told you look good for someone so sick and mann.. how do you stay positive.. but the truth is ..if we don't.. neither will anyone else.. so.. forward I move..
Stay strong buddy.. and know we are all here moving right ahead with you..
I don't know where you are.. but I was watching some people in kayaks the other day on Lake hopatcong.. and next time I go there I will think of you in one of them..
Thanks for being positive and wealth fo info here on this site..
All the Best,

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Thanks for the update and details. As another 'long timer' here I can identify with many of them. I'm not a huge believer that attitude (or indeed much that we do if truth be told) alters the course of this illness to any great extent but it certainly alters how we live and how much we allow it to rule and dominate our lives. I am in the category of 'living with cancer' (with only the my smallest toe still in the trying to bet it which belongs to a surgeon in Denmark who is due to review my scans in the near future to say yes/ no to surgery) and believe the focus is on eeking out all the quality each day can give despite cancer being part of that day. Your attitude helps inspire me to know that sometimes when I don't do that so well, the next day is a newe opportunity to do it better.

Thanks for being around,

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Glad to see you are stable .. stable is always good .. you are a remarkable guy.. inspiring and comforting to the rest of us.

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Go Phil go.

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Thanks Pete... We're all in this together.
"Whatever gets you through the night 'salright, 'salright"

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