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Sisters didnt make it

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Well, my sisters didn't make it for a visit. Mary fell several times in the hospital. (there for tests.) She was in extreme pain but they sent her home. She was back in hospital next day via ambulance.
More tests. the dr. came in and told her est. 6mths. She was so shocked she had to be sedated. Her husband had told her it was terminal, but evidently she did not grasp what he said.
It is a sad night. I was hoping to give her some good memories. Will have to find another way. Oh yeah. my husband had minor surgery 3 weeks ago and ended up in hospital with a blood infection and clot. He is going to be fine. An interesting weekend to say the least.
I am done whining, for tonight anyway. Thanks for listening.

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Wow I'm so sorry to hear about your sister...I'm going to pray for her. I hope her pain subsides and she can rest comfortably. You take care of yourself too. Jeff

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Nana b
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How awful for you. Big hug!

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Thank you Jeff. All prayers are appreciated..
Hugs, Judy

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My husband has colon cancer stage 4 we have been spending the evening watch old movies from our vacation over the yeaars. I thought he night enjoy some old memory's. Maybe you could tell your sister some of the memories you both hold dear. Sorry to hear things are going to hard for you and your family. GOD BLESS

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That's not whining at all. That's what friends are for. To listen and be here for you.

I'm so sorry your sisters were not able to come for a visit. I'll still keep hoping for that miracle for Mary.

Glad to hear that your hubby is feeling better, but sorry that your Mother's Day was not a good one.



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So sorry to hear about your Sis :-(

if that is whining then I must be a MAJOR crybaby!!! Here for you ALWAYS! Love ya!!!


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Wolfin, Jennie, thanks for your support and friendship. I always feel better after I 'let it out" on here. I just love you guys. Thank you, big hugs,

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Thank you Shincy, We have very few memories, I am the adopted (out) sister, no one knew about. We only met last July. Mary lives in PA and i live in FL. So our time together has been sporadic. Amazing how much we love each other. I have been truly blessed to find her. We talk our about how differently we were raised. and she tells me stories about my birth mother. Interesting to say the least. Thank you again for your prayers.
Hugs Judy

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So very sorry to hear that the visit didn't happen. I know how much you were looking forward to making it a good one.

Praying that they have gotten sister's pain under control and that she will be able to find peace.

Glad to hear that hubby will be ok after his problems.

You have had a tough weekend, so take some time to pamper yourself as you ponder how to make the good memories for your sister.

Hugs and always remember this is the place that allows whining.

Marie who loves kitties

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Doesnt sound like whining at all.....
Would you be able to skype with your sister? Havent done it myself, so not sure what it entails, otherwise phone calls are still good.
Hope you will be able to share some more stories.
Hope your husband is doing better. No kidding that more often than none, when it rains it pours.
Take care of yourself.....we need you NED friends. :)

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Is there a way that you could go and see Mary and have your other sister meet you for the reunion? I really wish you could all get together in some setting, even if it was in a hospital.

Someone mentioned Skype - never done it but have seen it, so that's a nice option.

The new iPhone 4's have a conference feature available where the two of you could see one another while you talked...but both of you would need to have that phone in order for it to work.

Land line or cell phone is still a good old-fashioned option - Ma Bell used to say "it was the next best thing to being there."

I'm disappointed for you, Judy...I know you had your hopes so set on this...I know that you all must have. I am sorry that Mary is having all of these issues...that was very hard news for her to hear - and for all of you as well...it is heartbreaking.

Wish I knew what to say.

((Judy)) + ((Mary)) + ((Other Sister))


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I'm so sorry.


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Thank you everyone for your support. My husband is home and willl be fine. As soon as I feel he can manage I am driving up to Penna. To see my sister Mary. She is in hospice care now. My other sister Vickie could use some support too.if anyone has any suggestions how I can help her pleas e share them with me. Her time left shouldn't be spent with everyone just waiting for her to die.she is very weak so no short trips are possible.
I guess when I see her I will have a better idea of what we can do.
By the way skype is very cool. My granddaughters and I make faces at each other. Mary does not have a computer.
well that is it for now I am so grateful for you all.God bless

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I'm glad that you will be able to see Mary, happy your husband is home and doing well, so sorry to hear about, well, everybody and everything, what a heavy load upon your shoulders. You are do so well, for having so much on your plate. You have a strength about you dear.
There is also "facetime", if you have an iPod (cheapest option) or iPad you can facetime (which is like skype but better in my mind)without paying for service because you can use wifi for facetime (the iPhones also have "facetime" but there you are paying for your monthly service bill). I love my facetime with my kids, and it's available anywhere you can get wifi (home, starbucks, the hospital, airports, McDonald's, etc..)If that's an option for anyone it is wonderful to see face to face.
Keep your courage up and you have my prayers.
Winter Marie

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Thank you Winter Marie, I appreciate your prayers. The family is finally facing reality and they are a mess. So prayers are needed.
I will look into face time. Never heard of that. I love hearing about new computer stuff!
It sounds easier than skype!

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So sorry Judy that Now you have found your sisters, you might loose one again.
Your family is on my prayer list, I always hope for a miracle.
Hugs, Marjan

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I will be praying for that.

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Marjan, Pepe, thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. One can always hope.
Hugs, Judy

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