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I don't have a religion

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People keep telling me and my mom that God loves us. Pray to god. God has a plan for all of us, and on and on. The problem is, we didn't grow up with a religion so I don't exactly know if God is real or if God is an idea. Very unsophisticated when it comes to religion. I figure there must be a God or something great for the world to be the way it is. Almost all of my friends are Christians and I'm even married to a Caucasion who grew up as a lutheran, but I don't quite know or believe if there is really a plan for every person. My friend Ali says that you don't have to be baptized to go to heaven, just accept Jesus as a gift. She's catholic. My husband says that you have to be baptized. Myself, my children, my parents have not been baptized. My friend Rina, catholic, says that she believes God is too great to only pick the baptized to go to heaven, that as long as you are a good person, you get to go even if you are buddhist or just a person like me with no religion. I wondered if I should get my mom baptized just in case. I think I'm just confused.

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Do what your heart says and what your mom wants.

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I think if you do what you believe is right, then it is right for you. there is no answer that will suit everyone. it is how we are taught to think or belive. but I think to be human , kind ,caring, and loving shows respect. I think we all practice what we think to be right, and it works for us. I am not baptized, But believe I will go to the right place where ever that is.
Do what is in your heart. You will find peace if you do what you feel is right . No easy answer, while I admire so many who have found their faith and believe in it, I am admire people who are non believers to. I think I admired their devotion to what ever they believe. I like you am confused. But I try to be a good person and hope I get it right. That is the best I can do. I do no harm. and I honor my friends. They come from all walks of life.

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I think you should do what your mom wants. If she wants to be baptized, do it. otherwise, I cannot believe that God would ignore billions of people because they do not belong to a particular church.

If you think your mother would get solace from a church or a religion, and she agrees, I think you are on to something. otherwise, let her be.

good luck.

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We are Catholic also - my husband is what is called a 'cradle Catholic' born and raised Catholic from day one. My father never attended a church service, and my mother was raised Lutheran. I converted to the Catholic faith through a long process and during that process I discovered that those teachings were in alignment with what I felt in the core of my soul.

I work on a very high level technical project for Michigan State University with physicists and scientists from all over the world. One goal of this project is to basically recreate the Big Bang theory and use the rare isotopes produced to further nuclear medicine and science. Scientists surely struggle with the idea of God created all this. These scientists are so intelligent - the best minds in the world collaborate on things we cannot even begin to imagine.

I truly believe that God is a Loving, Forgiving and All Knowing God. I know that these scientist and physicist are the brightest minds in the world . Perhaps like the old saying goes "There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in between."

My father was never baptised and one afternoon it seemed as though his time on earth was limited to the next few hours. He was in a coma and I asked that he be baptised - I didn't want to chance it that to get to Heaven you needed to be baptised. Miraculously he did come out of that coma and in a few days, I whispered to him that I had him baptised and I hoped he wasn't angry. He told me he was not angry at all. He survived a few more weeks and we didn't talk it about it after that.

I must admit when I look hard into the project we are currently working on, at times I wonder - I think truly everyone does. I think it's more important to listen to your moral compass - do right, help your neighbor, give what you can to make the world a better place for all mankind - that's what it is all about to me.

God only knows if we are 'fit' for Heaven and the loved ones left behind on this earth know what that person meant to them and how that person influenced their live or the lives of others. That is the true legacy one leaves behind.

I think whatever you and your mom wish to do will be just fine either way. She sounds like a beautiful lady who has raised a beautiful daughter. It is comforting to know that somehow, someday we will all be reunited - I believe that will happen whether or not we were baptized, believed in God or whatever. I just don't know for sure how or when, but I don't think when you're done on this earth that is the end of that - I think there's something more - but I don't know what this is either.

Go with your gut and you can't go wrong - it's not a 'one size fits all' answer. Religion and Politics - who knows the right answer really? Maybe all the theories are right or partially right. Your core moral compass is where the answer could be found and whatever you chose will be right for you.

Love and hugs,

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beautiful response Judy. You have a great way with words.

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I think all these responses are good. Religion is very personal and beliefs vary from person to person. it is good to honor and respect that. I think part of our journey on this life is to find our own path, what is right for us. I personally believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we learn lessons along the way. The biggest lesson is about love. Be loving, kind and helpful to others and live life to its fullest by enjoying as much as possible while we are blessed with this physical experience because it is fleeting. I don't know what happens to us when we pass to the other side, but I do believe in sprit. So search in your heart and you will find the path that is right for you. I'm sure your mom is a wonderful person and what we call 'heaven" will have a place for her, and you and all you loved ones when your time comes! For now, make heaven a place on earth!


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New to site, but found what a few of you wrote to be so inspiring. I also believe we are here to learn love, kindness, forgiveness...(list could go on and on) but our time here on this plain is fleeting. I want to learn lifes lessons by experiences, and truely listening to my fellow human being. Religion...hunh ? I have faith, but it's inside of me from experiencing life good and bad. Good luck on your own personnal journey, if you allow it the answers will come from inside of yourselves. Best regards, Katie

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I think that in the cancer world, "prayers" and "cancer" often go together in the same sentence. When first diagnosed, I asked people to pray for my mom even though I've only stepped inside a church a handful of times. It's when dealing w/ cancer that we are faced with our own mortality and the question of faith and where we go from here often loom over our heads. I almost think it's taboo for someone to admit that they don't believe in a higher power. I myself spent a weekend in a Buddhist temple just to explore religion a bit further. I used to believe that everything happens for a reason but now I'm not so sure. I'm at peace knowing that sometimes things happen for a reason and other times things happen because it just does. I think that faith and belief are just that....what each individual believes and has faith in. In talking with your friends and loved ones, you can see that each person has their own set of ideas on what happens after this life. Everyone's ideas may be slightly different and can evolve and change over time. Maybe you should ask your mom what she believes and if she is interested or even cares to explore religion. I personally believe that as long as you are a good person, you won't suffer after this life ends.

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Thank you all for your contribution. I've never thought about faith all that much until this last year. My mom may not have been baptized but there is no one on this planet whom I've personally met who is as selfless and kind as she is. Taking care of everyone. Has a good heart. Never cheated anyone. I love my mom more than life itself. I wish I could take away all her pain and take her place if I could. As I'm trying to be cheerful and lift her spirits, my heart pounds in sadness and agony. Her chest is blistering from all the IMRT radiation treatments and she is so sick and can barely walk. I'm not sure if I believe that God has a plan for everyone. I don't even know what that means. All I know is I believe in my heart that if there is a Heaven, she is going straight to the top. I just need more faith that I'll reunite with her one day. But she is still here so I will stop talking like she's going to die soon. I'm going to help her fight this to the end.

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You are in a place where mom and I were recently. I flashed back as I read your words. For the blisters from rads use Aloe Vera cream. I also gave her an ice pack to place over the burn areas. It was so bad they stopped rads for a while. She scarred badly. We cut large scoop necks from her PJ's and Tee shirts so nothing would touch the area.

Stay on top of the pain meds, she should not feel pain. Ask for hospice care if possible. They will help control pain.

God's plan? You are God's plan. You being with her. You helping her. You being selfless and thinking only of her. She knows and feels your love and what's better than a mother's love for her daughter and, in turn, a daughter's love for her mother. God bless you both!

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Thank you....I too was a care giver for my mom. You're right when we care for one another without an agenda, or should I say without thinking of ourselves and with love and compassion...it is what all of us should be doing. Katie

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I believe you are on the right track because God Spirit is leading you to search for him. I always tell people the best way to know someone is to study about them the same is with God. Get a New King James Bible and read the Gospel of John first before any other part of the Bible. It is a story about a God who loved His creation so much that even after they rebelled again Him he still came and proved how much he loved them. He gave them his laws he gave them good health, he gave them everything but because of Sin they hated Him and Killed Him. But he told all who would love and believe in Him, if I be lifted up I will draw all men (People) unto me. If you like visit me at www.restoringgodstruth.com

God bless you in your search for God
Tim Hondo

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If you are searching for questions about God, I would suggest you read the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John for yourself. Slowly read a chapter a day. For me, I joined a Bible study and it was amazing. I believe it is the place for all truth.

Your Mom sounds like an incredible person and I know how blessed she is to have a beautiful, loving daughter like you.



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Try to remember that God (who also goes by hundreds of other names depending on the religion) and the idea of a Higher Power or Creator are one thing while the laws of a particular religion are something entirely different.

1- Try to treat others kindly as you would like to be treated kindly by others.
2- Try to accept that there are many faiths and/or belief systems in the world.
We should all respect that no one has the "only" path.
3- I think your Mom should make her own decision and it should be respected.

I would be very wary of anyone who claims to know the way to eternal salvation.
It may be right for them but that doesn't make it right for all...

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Well said Phil!

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Phil - as always. And it is well worth mentioning that God has many names, including Allah.

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Dead on, wonderfully put. We all have different paths..my great grandmother was a wise woman...her advice was there were many paths to heaven (whatever that turns out to be) just get yourself on the straightest one. Still searching myself and have fallen off mine endless times. Yes, let Mom decide...she will know what her heart tells her to be true ! Katie

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