I feel so bad about my brother-in-laws recent diagnosis

JeninPa Member Posts: 1
My BIL was hospitalized back in January for abdominal pain. At that time he told us that he had a partially blocked small intestines. We were shocked when they discharged him two days later without having surgery. He told us that the drs at the hospital wanted him to follow up with a surgeon, which he never did. There was always a different excuse when we would ask if he has called an made an appt at the surgeons. He has lost so much weight since January. Its obvious that he has been sick for quite a while. Well last Monday he came to our house crying sayin that two days before that he went to the ER because he was feeling very sick and they told him he has cancer. I dont know what testing they did or if he is lying about all of it and he has known since January. He told us that he has a tumor in his small intestines and also a grapefruit sized one in his stomach. Two days later he proceeded to tell us that he had a lymph node removed on the left side of his neck about a year or year and a half ago and it was cancerous. This part is what I dont understand either....he said they removed it from the inside, meaning they went down his throat. I have never heard of such a thing. My friend is an RN in the OR and said in 27 years she has never seen a dr remove a lymph node from inside. I dont understand all of what he is telling us. He told us he had to get blood work done yesterday so that he can take it to the oncologist. I dont know what stage he is in cause when I asked him he said he didnt know. Wouldnt they have told him something???? We are all lost and confused and worry that it may be to late for him. Its already been a year or more since he had the lymph node removed. He works construction every day still. Can someone help me out? Thanks