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Not doing so good

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I am having a very bad time with the chemo side effects, mainly the mouthsores. Have given up on trying to eat and just take Ensures. They did an x-ray as I hadn't had a BM for 6 days and guess what they prescribed: the clean out prep for colonoscopy! Feeling as nauseated as I do and my mouth raw from the sores that was not going to work so I'm waiting for a call from my oncologist with a better remedey.I must admit this is worse than I thought it would be. They cancelled my radiation treatment for today because of the constipation which was good as it's my birthday today!!
I hope this gets better soon.

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I am so, so sorry that you are having such a hard time. DON'T let yourself become dehydrated. Push those fluids! You're doing well by communicating all of the time with your doctors. Keep that up.

Louise, it will get better. You hang in there and know that we are all are thinking about you.

And above all of this, you have a happy birthday today. By the time your next one rolls around, you will be feeling good and living life to the fullest. Short treatment for a long life.

with love,

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Louise, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. It is not easy, but you can do it. Stay hydrated for sure. You are in my thoughts right now and happy birthday. ~Carol

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For much of my adult life, birthdays kind of made me sad. I guess like a child my expectations for the day were usually not quite met. Now, I am happy just to wake up and have learned to find great joy in the things that have always been right in front of me. I am tho, soooo sorry you are feeling lousy on this special day. As said, push the fluid as best you can, those mouth sores make life so very miserable I know. Try to keep the near future in sight, its not far off and you will be all over this. My daughter always celebrates her 1/2 birthday.....by then you'll surely feel like a party!

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Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you are having the issues you mentioned, but as the others have said, this is temporary, so just keep moving forward! This is not a good way to spend one's birthday, but like Angela said, next year you will be celebrating!

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I can not wait to hear from you in one year when you will be happily celebrating your birthday! I hope by the time your are reading these replies you will have heard from your doctor. I don't blame you on that colonoscopy prep stuff, just the worst. I was hospitalized with constipation and they gave me oral laxative that wasn't any fun at all. Don't let this slow your battle down, keep on the fluids and hold on tight to that balancing pole on this precarious balancing rope you are on.


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