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Don't laugh but I have a pump question...

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I'm about to start 5 FU treatments with the 48hr pump in my portacath. Here's the question...
Can you golf with the pump?

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When I was under treatment, I would not have been able to golf with the pump. You either have to attach the pump bag around your waist or carry it with a shoulder strap. It is rather large and wasn't comfortable for me to wear around my waist so I just used the shoulder strap which would have made swinging a golf club impossible. Also, with the connection to your port, swinging you arm may cause a problem with the needle in staying placed well in your port. Good Luck!

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my pump was about the size of a walkman.. if you put it in a fanny pack I think you'd be able to golf... I am so proud of your spirit. Try it.. is what I say.. adk the nurse when she hooks it up..

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definitely would not have played golf while hooked up to the pump. The port connection is good but i wouldn't risk an accidental disconnect. They give you that hazmat suit (for cleaning up spills) for a reason :) I do know 2 people who had mishaps just while sleeping...My swing got weird while I had my port in...and once I got used to it, my swing got weirder still when it was removed 3 years later!!! Golf is great, I got out there as often as I felt up to it, the course will be there whenever you feel strong and wanting to do something "normal"...getting better is the goal.

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I get my pump on every other Tuesday and it comes off Thursdays... so i have it for about 3 full days.

and, as for golf. YES. I've been out for golf several times and no problems.

i take it easy on the swing and don't swing as hard as i used to..... but my doc said... "listen to your body, and don't push it".

so the first time, i went to the range by myself to make sure there wouldn't be problems...
i started by putting, and then moved up the golf bag from the PW's to 9, 8, 7.... and then a fairway driver. (i figure if i pull out the big driver, thank i'd want to kill it.)

when i play with my son... i play his drives. but, i'll hit a driver off the t-box.

remember, no two poeple are the same and no treatments or locations of the ports are the same.

"listen to your body!"

and give it a try.

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Could you golf before?
I kayaked all the time, there's twisting and turning involved with that

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I don't see why not, now swimming I would not recommend :)

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you can swim. I use water proof tape on the bag and frame it... and I also wear a UV protected swim shirt that includes long sleeves to protect from the sun.

there are specific swim wear for swimmers with the bag.

try these sites:



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Well I stand corrected, I was afraid it even shower with the pump attached

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Sorry, I laughed! And you helped me more than I can help you since I have no idea. I really needed that laugh. Have fun playing golf=)

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play the violin wearing the pump, either.

Of course I can't play it without it, either. ;-)

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lol Too much!

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Hi... sorry you had to find us but glad you did. I don't think golfing would be a good idea, because of the needle, tubing. I had a belt with a pouch. It was like a little back brace. Something else....u don't want to get too sweaty under your tegaderm....bacteria issues maybe? Luckily its only 48 hrs....mine was usually done in 45. I was lucky Dr. Hubby was able to flush port, then snap huber needle out. You could practice your putting....good luck friend.

Wow after reading all the comments above, I feel stupid! But for me, just me, I didn't do it. Probably missed score of my life!!! LOL

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Just another thought. I was exhausted, totally flattened after the pack was disconnected. So maybe for tge time being a gentler outdoor activity?

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