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Advance stage 4 non small lung cancer!! Please help

Marina 15
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Hi ,
I'm new hear and also very terrified my husband has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer his is under going radiation and chemo, docs say it has spread to the adrelan gland, we have four beautiful children and was hoping for a miricale Docs are giving him 6 mths my faith and hope is dying day by day! Don't know what to think or believe I know it's not curable but is there anyone out there that has survive more then yr or so???

He is looking still very healthy and strong???

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Pleas you and your husband will have bad days, but keep your faith, your love, your support and most important your fight! There are many survivors out there. I am sure you will here from a few in here. I am sorry that you had to find us. I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor and have been under going treatment for lung cancer since Dec 2011. Most important thing is while doing chemo is for your husband to eat no matter what! He needs his strength to fight. Never give up hope! Please keep us informed. You and your husband are in my prayers. Miracles do happen, some of us get it and some don't...but life itself is a miracle right? So tell your husband to be a great warrior and keep on living!

Love and blessings sent your way!

Marina 15
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Thankyou so much for ur kind words and I'm sad that I'm here but blessed that I have found inspiring people, hubby is doing well today we are taking it day by day and reading and talking to survivors we are going to fight this tooth and nail, my faith drifted for a day or two but I'm back on track!!!

My prayers are with you godless and thank you so much!!

Love Marina xxxx

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Keep the faith. There are many here who have survived 5 years and more. There is a man at inspire.com who has survived 13+ years with recurring brain mets. You do not say what type of nsclc he has. I have adenocarcinoma with mets to other lung and liver. When they biopsied did they do a mutation test? From your writing I gather that he is doing concurrent chemo and radiation, is that correct? Do you know which chemo med(s) he is on? If they are doing them together it is the most aggressive treatment they can do. That was the treatment I had and I have survived double the estimate they gave me (well 2 more weeks)! My oncologist told me 3 weeks ago that, since I am no longer in immediate danger of dying, that I am due for my colonoscopy and other annual tests.

It is most important to keep him hydrated. Watch for signs of infections and blood clots. If he won't eat healthy give him whatever he wants. Every calorie counts. Take care of yourself, too. Four kids can't be easy. Do you have family nearby that are helping? Of course, we are always here to help.

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Denny...not sure what is worse....a colonoscopy or lung cancer !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 49...so they say at 50 I should have one, got cancer already so anything is a breeze !!!!

Take care...Dave

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I am very sorry to hear about your husband. I believe that only God knows when our time is up not even the most skilled doctor in the world can predict someone's death so please do not focus on what he or she said. I think as long as your husband has fight in him he will keep on going. Keep your head up and stay strong

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Sorry to hear about your husband. I know how you feel.I was diagnosed with NSCLC with bone mets in April, 2012. They could only do radiation to help stop the pain I was having in my back. Did 15 treatments to my lung and T-6 verterbre. Then 5 more at a higher dose just to my lung. They said they could not do both because the cancer in my back was too close to my spinal cord and a combo of radiation and chemo would be to strong for my spinal cord. Last treatment was May 16th. Just had a CT scan on yesterday and go back to the Radiation Dr and the Oncology Dr on the 13th. They will then tell me what is next. This is sooooooo scary. Just keep praying that it will get better. Oh, they told me it was non-operational and not curable. But said they are not giving up on me. We are tasken it one day at a time. I have just this week started eatting more. Lost 30 lbs since I diagnosed. I am able to get out and go and do things just cannot lift or do anything that will put stress on my back. I have to be very careful. Worried about compression of my spine.
Hang in there and take it one day at a time.
We are praying for your family also


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Wildnicsis thank you for your posting as we have similiar tumors. I have a small nodule in my lung that has migrated to my L5 in my spine. I found it when I fell at work injuring my tailbone. After months of complaints (4) I finally could not walk and was in agony. I went to the Emergency room where I was informed I had an L5 compression fracture. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days, had an MRI and biospsy which is when the cancer was found. The fall weakened the L5 area but the cancer is what put pressure on my L5 and caused the compression fracture. I saw the oncologist who tried to be upbeat while not giving me false hope. I went home a basket case. I am on pain meds and medications to help the sciatica nerve settle back down which is why I couldn't walk. I can now walk about 15 paces with a walker and have hopes of being able to walk freely again. I have my first appt. with the radiologist on Monday 6/11. I bounce from being optimistic to being scared/anxious. I am trying to embrace my situation, remain hopeful but do not want have false hope as the crash is too hard for me. I will do everything I can to live as long as I can. I find comfort in this site and want to thank everyone for sharing their journey. Your ideas are very helpful

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I am a 58 year old woman. I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer with mets to the brain Oct 1, 2009. I have had full brain radiation, targeted brain radiation, and radiation to my lung. I have had very aggressive chemo, and when that was done I was given maintenance chemo until August 2011.

I was supposed to die. I was told to put my life in order. Guess what? I put my life in order, but nothing happened! I'm still here. Granted, I have issues with "chemo-brain", but I was able to have a wonderful time surfing and snorkeling with my adult son in Australia for 3 weeks last Oct.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer on both sides of my thyroid and in some lymph nodes. My thyroid and lymph nodes were removed and I was given a radioactive iodine treatment. Walk in the park.

My PET scan last month showed total remission of all cancer!

Don't let anyone convince you there is no hope. There's always hope!

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