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I just celebrated being a 5 years living with Stage IV Lung cancer and doing GREAT!

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March 30th 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung cancer and was not given a very good outlook by my doctors. I was on first line drugs for 2 years and then switched to a trial at Sloan Kettering. That only lasted 6 months before it spread, so started a 2nd line drug, Alimpta which has since been considered 1st line. This drug worked wonders for me. I continued having. Tumors shrink and DISAPPEAR for another 2 1/2 years. At that point, I only had a very small single tumor in my right lung. The doctors were so impressed by my stamina, strength and positive attitude that they decided to try a type of high dose radiation that had only been done on Stage 0 and I back in October. 5 months later, my scans showed no discernible cancer. I am about to have more scans done again 3 months later, in a couple weeks. I'm here to say I'm not holding on, I'm thriving. They say I will never be in "remission" due to being mastesized but scans every 3 months is the next best thing. It will be a year in July since I've had chemo. BELIEVE in yourself and the science. The longer we fight the fight, the more time research has to find the cure. SO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT...

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Thats Great News !! I have Stage IV and had brain mets. 2 yr now since Dx, but say 6 mo since any treatment. This gives me hope because at 49 I am having what cancer people call "meaning of life" issues, like what do I do now, do I work, not work, what?? I am emotional pretty darn good but you know what crosses our mind daily.

But I am NED as we speak and a scan every 3 months too, next one in July. I do have some vertabrae issues due to radiation of the right lung and central lymphs.

Great to hear !!

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Congrats!!! You have a great outlook on things and that is what everyone here needs. If it is Gods will to take me with this horrible monster, I will be kicking and screaming all the way. I believe in the fight spirit.....I am a great warrior and so are you! Keep fighting and again Congrats....these stories make me smile :-)


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Always great to read of success stories. Sometimes some of us feel it not appropriate to relate such personal success, but the truth is (I think) that anyone's success is hope for all of the rest of us.

Continued success!

Take care,


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Glad to hear success stories. Keep them coming everyone.


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Congrats. I was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in Feb 2007 and finished chemo in Oct 2007. I am now NED. Keep the faith baby.

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Great! I am so happy to hear your news. I also have stage IV nsclc. I've had it for 6 months. I would like to know more about the Alimta. How often were you receiving it? My doctor wanted to keep me on maintenance Alimta after my initial 6 rounds of chemo. But said I would be on it indefinetly! That scared me. I decided to do a wait and watch approach and to take a break from chemo. I felt really good after getting off the chemo and got my strenght back. Unfortunately my cough has resurfaced and last CT scan shows activity again. More than likely I will need to reconsider the Alimta. Can you tell me more about your experience with the Alimta and about side effects you experienced. I loved your posting. It's given me hope.

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I was diagnosed may 1 2012 with lung cancer, biopsy did that day. First visit with oncologist, he said stage 3, and ordered a scan, which will be done on June 1 2012,
also have small cancer on adrenal gland and lymph node. I think it is hereditary as my
oldest brother died from lymphoma in Dec. 2011, and brother next to me died in June 2008
with lung cancer. I have congestive heart failure, due to heart attack, and kidney failure, close to needing dialysis, copd and thyroid issues. Just sharing my problems with others.

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Wow. I am so pleased to hear your story! Keep up the good work yourself, and know that you've given me a sense of hope and positivity that I am beyond grateful for.

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I just joined CSN today and was dianosed w Stage IV lung cancer on April 24 of this year. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you, as well as how much hope this has given me for the future.
You rock

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Your post actually is what prompted me to join the network. I was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I have a small nodule in my lung and a tumor about the size of a 50 cent piece on my L5 vertebrae. I have been bouncing between being hopeless and optimistic. My cancer is small, I have had no symptoms and have been very healthy working out, watching the foods I eat, and working full time. I am 57. Your post is very hope inspiring at a time when I am lost thanks.

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Thank you so much for this inspiring post. I am so glad to hear you are doing well. My Dad has just been diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) with a primary tumor in the left upper lobe and bone mets. Stories like yours give me such hope! He will be starting radiation next week and will follow with chemo. Still ironing out which drugs, but Alimpta has been mentioned repeatedly. He is getting an opinion at Sloan Kettering tomorrow, actually. Best wishes for clean scans for you every three months for many years to come!

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Very encouraging. I've had 4 treatments of Carbo-Alimta-Avastin and the tumors in my lung have shrunk 75% down to 1.9cm from 3.5cm two months ago. I will most likely migrate to Alimta maintenance after 1st line of treatment.

Glad to hear you've had success, 5 years and going strong sounds wonderful.

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Posts like these increase my optimism for my own future. NED should hang with you for a long long time.

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