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I just celebrated being a 5 years living with Stage IV Lung cancer and doing GREAT!

River view
River view Member Posts: 7
March 30th 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung cancer and was not given a very good outlook by my doctors. I was on first line drugs for 2 years and then switched to a trial at Sloan Kettering. That only lasted 6 months before it spread, so started a 2nd line drug, Alimpta which has since been considered 1st line. This drug worked wonders for me. I continued having. Tumors shrink and DISAPPEAR for another 2 1/2 years. At that point, I only had a very small single tumor in my right lung. The doctors were so impressed by my stamina, strength and positive attitude that they decided to try a type of high dose radiation that had only been done on Stage 0 and I back in October. 5 months later, my scans showed no discernible cancer. I am about to have more scans done again 3 months later, in a couple weeks. I'm here to say I'm not holding on, I'm thriving. They say I will never be in "remission" due to being mastesized but scans every 3 months is the next best thing. It will be a year in July since I've had chemo. BELIEVE in yourself and the science. The longer we fight the fight, the more time research has to find the cure. SO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT...


  • 3cbrca
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    Thank you
    Thanks so much for sharing your good news! Everybody out here needs to hear the success stories-it is what keeps the rest of us going!
  • mccanbl
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    Stage IV lung cancer and doing great
    River view.
    It is so good to hear of your success. I too have stage IV lung cancer and am on the same chemo Alimpta with an Avistan kicker, am only 3 months in and going for results of CT scan next week hope to be doing as well as you. I too am keeping my chin up and fighting the fight.
    Could you tell me if you have small cell cancer or not, you don't mention?
    Thanks again for the uplift
  • brandyroses
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    alimpta treatments
    How do you get signed up to get this treatment