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Treatment: How long?

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On May 1, through a CT Scan to rule out intestinal problems, they saw a 6 cm mass on my Kidney. I went to my Dr that day, and he referred me to a urologist. The urologist looked at the situation, said it was Renal Cell Carcinoma, and would come out soon, not emergency. He wanted to review the scan with the Radiologist: that was C+ 2d.

I heard back from him twice, once saying he is unsure, the next saying for me to come in (C+7d). I came in on day 9, and he described the procedure, which was consistent with what I had read: Full Nephrectamy, multiple Dr, scheduling will be hard. Target the week of June 4.

Yesterday (C+14), they call back with a date for the surgery: June 19, or 50 day after the mass was observed. That seems like a really long time to wait. Granted, in looking at treatment outcomes, the delay does not seem to be a health risk, but I am going crazy with concern.

On the other hand, the 19th is a convenient time for me: it will allow me to miss an office move which will probably result in two weeks of no productivity (no computers). In addition, it is after the school year, which will be easier for handling my school age child.

What I did was ask the scheduling person to find out if it is safe to wait that long (Dr.'s opinion).

Sorry for the rambling post. Never dealt with anything like this, and I feel powerless to make things happen.

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Sorry about the wait. Mine was over 60 days. Not fun. Worse would be if you had a more difficult prognosis and they operated immeadiately. Let the doctor know you want to get this behind you as soon as possable.You will have the whole summer to relax. Get some loose fitting clothes for the summer.


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There are a lot of long waits for surgery posted here. So it is not out of protocol. I think almost everyone wants these things removed immediately if not sooner. Waiting does allow for time to complete many necessary tasks first. Good luck!

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Hi dhs,

Yes, waiting sucks, but in the world of RCC your prognosis is very good and there is minimal risk between now and surgery. The majority of cases are clear cell which is very slow growing, at 6cm you would still be considered stage 1, it is very likely that surgery will cure you and other than follow-up tests/exams for the next few years life should return to "normal" with only the memory of when you "HAD" cancer. Spend the time preparing your self and your home for post-op down time. Clean up your to do list projects and its a good time to start a diet and exercise program that will speed your recovery, its as easy as walking and drinking plenty of water. The month will pass quickly and before you know it you'll be home and healing. Hang out here, there's a solid group of supportive and knowledgeable people that will help you through it.

Welcome to the club,


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I was pretty lucky to get my surgery in about a week from my DX.. They at first told me they couldnt find a date to fit me in. Then my daughter spoke up and said if you cant fit her in asap, then can you suggest another hopital where we can go to get it done sooner as my mother wants it out as soon as possible.. she said let me see what I can find out. She left for about 15 minutes, came back and said "we can get you in on Wednesday" that was just about 4 days away :-)

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