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Tell me it's not true

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Sara Zipora
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We're in Salt Lake City, Utah, we just landed today from LA were my husband had business and as my CT came back pretty good, it showed the radiation shrunk the rumors in my pelvic area, but unfortunately there was a new spot on my lung. Upper left lung. Nothing is definitive until my PET scan a two weeks from today. so I decided to join him on the trip.

Now here is my panic, I think I have a sciatica nerve thing in my right buddok causing me pain and a limp. I had two deep massages in LA which helped a bit, and I put on Ben Gay Ice,,which looks like roll-on deodorant . I am scared that the cancer moved to my bones.
So what that I flew 10 hours from Israel to NY ,rested a weekend and flew six hours to LA. And now two to three from LA to Salt Lake City, planning to go back to NY for the weekend and fly back to Israel on Sunday. Couldn't it really be a sciatic nerve? Please say yes. Cant or won't go docs who don't know me in strange places, and because of Radiation X-ray and ct are not accurate till after PET.
Alieve helped but am I masking something?
I'm not really saying anything to my husband but he does see me wince and limp a bit.
Help please!
Anybody had this?
I am 66 Stage IV B grade 3, Dx in July 2010 and three recurrences and another surgery since.


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I used to have exactly the same pain as you describe but on my left side. I suffered with
this for many years till someone directed me to a doctor who diagnosed the problem
and taught me what to do about it. I never had it again. He said the problem arose from my using the muscles on the right side of my body much more than the ones on the left. The
left side muscles thus become stiff and sudden movements make them go into a spasm and press on nearby nerves causing great pain. I was taught stretching exercises to balance
the muscles on both sides and this has worked beautifully for many years. You have been sitting inactive on planes for many hours and this may have contributed to the situation.
The doctor who treated me has an office in NYC (and Brooklyn) and his name is Dr.
Reuben Ingber. He initially treats the problem with acupuncture and then does electrical
stimulation and the exercises. You will be in NYC so call him. Why worry and suffer!

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Did you by chance have any external pelvic radiation? I endured 6 chemo sessions and then 33 sessions of radiation. Almost 5 months after my treatments ended (Dec '09) I started with the hip pain....and spoke with my oncologist. Told me NO NOT CANCER, you're just getting old and most likely arthritis. I've tried many things, chiropractic, personal trainer, acupressure, etc....still with me, but not as intense. Unfortunately my insurance is such that it costs me for any of the docs and procedures, therefore, I do what I can afford at this point.

If you go to this site and look for category at the bottom, "Long Term Survivors", you'll find many topics on this very subject. Many mention the long term side affects from treatments, one being radiation. Radiation simply dries up our joints and can even cause muscle pain. Could this as well be your issue?

I'd wait until you're back home to visit a doctor. As artist49 mentioned, many options to alleviate the pain.

Best to you....

BTW I was just at my chiropractors office for an adjustment and feel like a million bucks...thank God for this doc!! If this is what I have to endure to remain cancer free, I'm signing up.

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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Dear Jazzy and all, thanks for the support I'll check out acupuncture after I get back home and do the PET. There is no free lunch with the stuff that is done to prolong our lives!
I will ask for imaging of sciatic area too.
I want to share that I joined a sort of 'personal' study. After the last two chemo attempts didn't slow the cancer but weakened me considerably, Gemzar and Carbo, I was in contact with a group that uses engineered mice to become grafted with a patient's tumor. In this case mine. It is quite an expensive endeavor not covered by anyone, where they are trying a number of chemo options on the mice and not me. Hopefully they will see my tumor shrinking in the mice in this trial and error format, at least I won't be going thru the chemos that aren't succeeding.. It is early days for this research in general and for mine specifically, I'll keep you apprised of what's happening.
In the meantime I'm waiting the two weeks for the PET results of the lung spot. We are trying to enjoy life day to day and work and enjoy family in between.
((((((hugs and prayers to all))))))


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Hang on in there - I'm with Jazzy on this topic! I have pelvic and sciatic type pain which was scanned last November, as we thought I had another recurrence. CT/PET scan came back clear. The oncologist reckons that as I have had a lot of surgery, plus radiation and chemo, that it is probably due to the fibrosis (scar tissue) in my pelvis. It sounds like you have had a similar list of surgeries etc., so this may be the same for you. My pain didn't start until one year after my last surgery (and 9 months after my last chemo).
I would wait until you are back at base and can see the results of the next scan and then discuss it with your "home" team. In the meantime, I have found anti inflammatory drugs best e.g. ibuprofen. But make sure you take them after food as they can be harsh on the stomach.
Wishing you good health
Helen xx

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I think it is normal to fear any and all pain. However as others have said, this pain is likely caused by something else and you will get a scan very soon.

This is what I would do:
* call your gyn-onc's office and talk to nurse and discuss this symptom and make appt when you return for check-up
* continue to take Aleve for pain - OK to mask it now but not before you see your doc - but do go to ER if it is very bad and persists.
* watch those deep massages. As cancer patients we should not get certain types of massages.
*enjoy your trip with your husband!!!

Many ((((hugs)))) to you, Sara.

Mary Ann

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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Thanks for all advice and warm wishes.

my life
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Sara, Everytime I fly I experience just the pain you are reporting. I use to think it was the sitting for an extended period but have come to realize that carrying anything on my shoulder, a purse, laptop, carry-on bag, also causes the pain. I don't have bone mets. I have found that attending a back therapeutics class weekly at my local yoga studio keeps the pain level down A number of my co-workers (nurses, and they don't have cancer) also have the same type of pain. Take some motrin (if it's not contraindicated for you), get some exercize (without anything on your shoulders) and try to relax and enjoy your trip. I'm praying your results will be good!

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