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Trying to Stay Positive...

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It can be so hard to stay positive throughout this battle. I am in awe of those on these boards who are suffering with this beast and find time to help the rest of us as we do what we can for our loved ones. I feel so helpless watching my dad go through all this. At this point, I had to admit my dad to the hospital on Saturday because he was feeling so weak, sick, and unable to care for himself. He completed 3 weeks of WBRT as of Friday, and this week was supposed to be his last week of radiation. He thought he was dehydrated, and with some fluids would be able to go home and return to his regular treatments. If only. The tests are starting to come back in, and it looks like he has pneumonia, and the scan shows that 2 of the 3 lesions on his brain have actually gotten bigger, despite the radiation. No new lesions have appeared, and there is no bleeding, so that was our good news. Has anyone had this sort of experience? We don't know what treatment will be going forward until his team comes up with something.

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Hang in there, definitely know where you are coming from feeling helpless. I guess the only thing we caregivers can do is to do the best we can for our loved ones. Your dad feels loved. I'm sure that's helping him.

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