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Path report in. Mixed tumor..Mixed feelings..

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I just got my path report Friday and my kidney tumor is a classified as a cystic nephroma/mixed epithelial stromal tumor..with the larger cystic areas representing the cystic nephromal, and a renal epithelial strumal tumor..The parenchyal margin is focally positive. Althought these tumors behave in a benign fashion, they can recur if incompletely excised..Close clinical follow-up is reccommended..

So sorry to type all this medical mumbo jumbo..Anyway, what this all means is the tumor was bennign and I will have a follow up ultra sound in 6 months..This is the good news..the other news is that they surgeron wants me to see someone in chest medicine because of the breathing problems I had in the hospital and a chest exray done while there that suggests congestive heart failure..

Any way I will take the good news and deal with the bad new on Friday when I see my surgeron for follow up..I have found that sometimes doctors suggests lots of unnecessary tests, procedures, and referral to other doctors in a attempt to cover there butts..So I will talk to this doctor friday and see if I can pin him down on why and if I really need to see someone in chest medicine..After all my surgeron was not the doctor who helped me when I was in trouble..It was the doctor on call that talked to me on the phone while I was in the hospital and helped me when I couldn't breath and ordered a rx for lasix in my iv..My surgeron was no where to be seen for 2 days..He ordered the chest xray but never followed up..
I am not very happy with him. I asked for and received part of my medical records from the hospital last week and am expecting the rest of them in 2 weeks..It was in these reports that I finally was able to find out the results of my chest xray..My sugeron left these report out of the records he sent me..It may take time but I will get to the botton of this..plus I need all my records so that I can change to another medical group and a better hospital...

Sorry this is so long but I just needed to Vent a little this morning..

Little darlin...

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This is a good place for a spot of therapeutic venting. You sound to be thinking straight and going about things in a sensible way. Trusting your intuitions in this matter seems a good way forward - getting a second opinion when necessary and ensuring you get the medical attention you deserve.

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Hi LD,

Congrats on the good news portion, while it doesn't help with the physical side of recovery it has to give you a mental boost. Its unfortunate that 'cover your butt" plays such a big role in healthcare, but the fact is that it does and it multiplies the frustration that we feel as patients so vent away, you've earned it. That said, seeing a good heart doc sounds like a good idea.

Hang in there,


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..Yes, get well, and vent away. I'm always saying, "Follow your Drs. advice", but follow your gut feeling. As I have mentioned, I would not be on my current treatment if I had followed the first recommendations I was given.

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