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gbm4 brain stem

christine anne
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Joined: May 2012

Hello everyone what a wounderful resource this network is , my darling brother Paul had surgery 5 weeks ago for a brain stem glioma really poor prognosis , he also suffered post op complications ( pnuemonia aspiration) and is now slowly recovering . the tumor was about 2.5 centimetres the surgoen managed to resect as much as possible . oncologist is offering targeted radiotherapy and chemo temodar further down the line when he is stronger .
Is this the same protocal as in the us ? I would be really grateful if you could give your feed back

Thank you all and god bless you

Christien annex

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Joined: Sep 2011

hi Christien

yes, the standard treatment for gbm4 is the same:
. surgery (to debulk tumor as much as possible)
. radiation for 6 weeks (IMRT)
. chemo with temodar, 5/28

However,there are variation to all those. I do suggest you to send your brother's tumor for gene test. Most of the reserch hopital should be able to do it. there are quite a few genes (MGMT, EGFR, EGFRviii,etc.) are considered some sort of bio-markers, so they might help your ON (Oncologist) to decide which treatment plan is more effective. That being said, all those are all experiemental, be preapred for the "no" from your ON. If that is the case, try to get one with more opened mind.
Aside from checmo, I would definitly consider immuno-therapy.The following link is one of the most promising one.:

Be brave! and good luck with everything!

christine anne
Posts: 3
Joined: May 2012

Hi Jane
Thank you so much for replying and sending the link I will keep in touch

Thank you so much


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