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please HELP!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone i m 21 years old and suffering from anal pain from the past 1 year and just had anoscopy 2 days ago which btw pained a lot and the doctor found nothing which is quite weird to me since I m having thin stools (ribbon type) accompanied with pain from the last 1 year and have been taking good fiber diet (say>40gms ) and water(>2 liters) from last 2-3 months.And the pain has become much more terrible from last few days after i had anoscopy.I just dont know what to do now. Any advices?????

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Hi, I am sorry you are so uncomfortable and can relate. I spent months before being diagnosed not being able to sit. I would sometimes kneel, or sit on my hip, lay on my stomach, and pace the floor massaging my butt cheeks for relief!! I would take combinations of tylenol and aleve and within a few hours be hurting again! The thin stools and pain are two symptoms many of us have had. Tho I am not a doc, I can at least say this is not normal. Please continue to seek help and don't give up until you get it. Some docs are just not as good as they should be, sad as it is. You may just need a different opinion to get some other tests going to find out exactly what is causing the pain. Is there any bleeding? I also had that, and the feeling that I never was really empty after much straining to have a bowel movement. I'm sure many more will chime in with advice (I am often awake in the middle of the night), this is a great site with much help, but again PLEASE insist on another check from a different doctor. If by chance you are diagnosed with anal cancer, the treatment tho uncomfortable is relatively short and has a great out come of success! Please continue to let us know how things are going.

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There are other tests you can have so I would either return to my regular doctor and insist something else be done, or find another doctor. I don't know where you live, but perhaps you could make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. Perhaps you could go to a university medical center. I had a routine colonoscopy and then a endoscopy, which is an internal ultrasound. But I have also had CAT scans. Keep pursuing it if you feel like something is wrong because you know your body better than anyone.
Good luck.

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I'm sorry you got no answers from this first consultation. I would recommend getting a second opinion from a colorectal specialist who has some experience in diagnosing anal cancer. You did not mention any other symptoms, only anal pain. My symptoms prior to diagnosis included not only pain but the following:
1) Rectal bleeding with bowel movements
2) Mucous discharge with BM's
3) Unexplained weight loss
4) A feeling of always needing to have a BM, even after having one--like not being emptied out
5) Thin stools
6) Constipation
7) Abdominal bloating
8) Fatigue

If you have any of these other symptoms, please keep seeking answers. You may not have anything serious going on, but you need to rule out anything else. Unfortunately, anal cancer is often misdiagnosed by doctors who are quick to dismiss bleeding as a sign of hemorrhoids. I hope you can find a doctor who can correctly identify what is causing your issues.

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please get another gastroenterolgist to look. i had bleeding and pain. no thin stools, no constipation but eventually(not for months) had a sore on outside so i thought it was hemmorrhoid. proctologist in my small town missed it for 10 months. i did not go to him for almost 4 months before that. i was too embarrassed to get someone else to look at my anus. NOT embarrassed anymore for anything. get another opinion. sephie

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My doc, a gastroenterologist, practicing for 25 years only recently diagnosed his second anal cancer patient since I was diagnosed last year. Your doc may not know what he is looking at or for. This cancer is so very rare. That being said, your symptoms sound all too familiar. You are on the right site. I agree with the others, that you should own your symptoms and keep looking for the right doctor. Did your doc give you an anal pap during your exam?

All the best, Sandy

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i have heard of anal pap but have never had one, even now after tx. i am 3years post tx in july. before dx, my gyno even had stopped doing the rectal exams and i did not think to ask for one. sephie

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I am sorry you have to go through this page! I am not a doctor but I recommend you search the internet for help. I just did a quick search for anal cancer and I found this site

Anal Cancer

I hope this help. I wish you the best!

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